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Blissfull Weddings, Gomti Nagar

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From ₹50,000

Huma Siddiqui Decorations & Event Planners

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From ₹30,000

Wedlock Junction

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From ₹51,000

The Event House Lucknow

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From ₹40,000

M&A Event and Wedding Planner

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The Joy Destination

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La Fiesta by Avni

From ₹250,000

Seven Ocean, Gomti Nagar

From ₹150,000

Eventos Da Planners, Lucknow

From ₹1,000,000

Enamoured Events

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From ₹25,000

Smile Events By Anaysha Juneja

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From ₹100,000

Sky Craft Events

From ₹60,000

Shree Vivah Event

From ₹200,000

Awadh Carnations Weddings & Events

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DivineKnot, Lucknow

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Miracle Event Planners

From ₹75,000

Dream Huntz Weddings

From ₹250,000

Social Glow Events & MKTG

From ₹180,000

Leo Events and Wedding Planner

From ₹100,000

The White Lotus Decorations, Jankipuram

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From ₹15,000

Regal Events, Lucknow

From ₹20,000

Kumar Events & Wedding Planner, Lucknow

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From ₹10,000

Mubarakaan, Lucknow

From ₹20,000

Dream Team Events

From ₹100,000

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Find the Best Wedding Planners in Lucknow

Popularly known as, The City of Nawabs, Lucknow is a beautiful city known for its extravagant weddings, chikankari embroidery, Galawati Kebabs and much more. Weddings in Lucknow are celebrated in a Nawabi style with massive festivals and lots of entertainment, delicious food and laughter.  Be it an intimate wedding or a big one, every ritual holds significance and so, you need to have a reliable wedding planner who can make your dream wedding a reality. 


When it comes to planning a grand wedding, there are multiple things that you must keep in mind - from setting the budget to picking the right wedding venue lucknow to arranging the best caterers in the city. This is when you need a dependable wedding planner who can take away all the stress from your mind and plan your wedding days as per your requirements. Wedding planners are visionaries, they turn your dream wedding into a reality, so make sure you choose the most perfect and best one for your grand and opulent day. All the wedding planners have a team of productive and enthusiastic professionals who perform all kinds of services like wedding decoration in lucknow, catering, guest management etc. Before you choose your wedding planner, be very sure of your needs and budget. 


With more than 5000 wedding planners enlisted on the WeddingWire India app and website, the platform enlists the top wedding planners Lucknow has to offer with detailed information on their pricing, available dates, and varied types of services covered by them. 


The wedding planners in Lucknow will provide you with duties that will keep your wedding planning stress at bay and make it feel like a breeze. Be it picking your wedding invitation template or walking you through the possible wedding decoration lucknow options for a venue in Lucknow, the wedding planners will blow your mind with absolute professionalism and of course the talent that they bring to the table. You can pick one of the top ones from our list of wedding planners in your city with price and other details on the app/website.


How to hire the best wedding planner in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh?

  • First of all, you must have decided on an approximate budget for your wedding. You can plan your wedding budget using the budget calculator too. Once you have an idea of the amount you want to assign to a wedding planner in Lucknow, you are now prepared to begin your search.
  • You can now start with picking the ideal wedding planner based on the type of services you want. Wedding planners in Lucknow will provide you with a variety of top quality services like decoration, guest management, logistics,  wedding entertainment, catering and so on. You need to pick the type of services you need from your planner and this will help find the wedding planners in Lucknow that fit your requirements.
  • Out of the 100+ wedding planners in Lucknow listed with us, once the above filters are picked, you can see the relevant options displayed on your screen. You can further sort through these options by picking the exact location in the city. You can look for wedding planners in Aliganj or planners in Gomti Nagar, even Hazratganj, Indira Nagar, etc.
  • Pick the area based on the venue location or your residence and other such factors. Once the location is sorted, you must move on to the Price filters. To find the perfect wedding planner in Lucknow with price, utilise the Fee filter available on the app/website. The cost of the wedding planner depends on a lot of factors like the experience of the professional in this field, their contacts, the types of additional services they offer, etc.
  • Packages of wedding planners in Lucknow start at INR 50,000 and can go up to INR 5,00,000. There are budget wedding planners in Lucknow whose fee starts at around INR 10,000 and at the same time, there are luxury wedding planners in Lucknow who charge around INR 1,00,00,000. Pick a price bracket that fits your budget best and the plethora of packages available is sure to fit your requirements. There are wedding planners in Lucknow who are also ready to offer tailor-made packages, all you need to do is click on Request Pricing.
  • Once all of the above filters are taken into consideration, you will have a handful of the most relevant names of wedding planners displayed on your screen. You must check out the reviews displayed on their storefronts before taking the final call. 


Which services are offered by a wedding planner in Lucknow?


  • Venue selection- The first and foremost need for planning a wedding is selecting an appropriate venue that suits your needs such as wedding location, budget. All the planners listed on the WeddingWire India platform can help with a list of venues that suit your requirements and match your wedding theme. 




  • Wedding Menu-  We all like to attend weddings because we get to have amazing food, that’s why catering plays a huge part in planning wedding functions. Wedding planners help you plan and customise your menu as per your taste and likings and give you the best catering options in the city. After all, who doesn't like biryani and kebabs in Lucknow weddings? 




  • Photography/ Videography- The moments that you share at your wedding functions are the most special and emotional ones and hence they should be captured by a professional who understands the sentiments and passions during these grand and wonderful days. Be assured that your wedding planner will find the most amazing storyteller who will offer you the latest services like cinematography, drone shots, candid photography in lucknow etc. 




  • Decoration and Styling - There is a lot of decoration that goes for each wedding function and with multiple themes. Wedding planners tend to give a personalised feel to the entire venue decoration as per the client wishes and they try to incorporate their colours and aesthetics into every wedding function. You just need to tell them a theme that you want for yourself. 



  •  Guests Support and Management- Depending on the scale of the wedding, the wedding planners hire a team who can give you proper guest management services. Guests are treated like gods during the wedding functions and hence it is very crucial for them to be satisfied. So you need to give a list of your wedding guests and they can arrange a team who can look after them throughout the wedding function. 



Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Planners in Lucknow

Do wedding planners in Lucknow plan destination weddings?

Many wedding planners in Lucknow specialise in planning destination weddings. You need to confirm if they are open to plan your destination wedding from the particular wedding.

Are wedding planners in Lucknow ready to travel outstation?

Wedding planners are open to travel outstation these days especially because of taking up projects in other cities and countries along with destination weddings being a hit. Whether or not a certain wedding planner in Lucknow is okay with travelling outstation or not is a question you should ask the planner.

Will hiring a wedding planner increase the wedding budget?

It is a myth that hiring a wedding planner adds to your estimated budget. In fact, hiring a wedding planner might help you avoid any spillover in your budget and also help you avail exclusive discounts/exciting packages through the planners’ good contacts. The vast variety of wedding planner fees will give you enough options to choose from.

How much can a wedding planner cost in Lucknow?

The wedding planning services in Lucknow start from INR 50,000 and go up to 5,00,00 lakhs. The prices can be negotiated and there is a package in every budget.

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