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Wedding Planners Gwalior

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Find the Best Wedding Planners in Gwalior

Widely known as the prettiest city of Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior is famous for its ancient buildings, beautiful temples, and old medieval forts. Gwalior is an exciting destination to explore, especially for history enthusiasts, with a significant contribution to the country’s history and culture. This ‘Fort City’ has many places to visit and keep you busy. The scenic place has striking monuments like Suraj Kund, Phool Bagh, Jai Vilas Mahal, Gwalior Fort to mesmerize you. Pratihara Vishnu Shrine, Gujari Mahal, and Man Mandir Palace are unforgettable places that captivate many tourists. This exciting city is filled with beautiful hills and charming nature that was once the home of the most distinguished royalty. It is the tourist capital of Madhya Pradesh and is a medley of many faiths like Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism. Gwalior is also known as the city of music as it carries sacred traditions and gharanas of Hindustani classical music. Even when it comes to cuisine, Gwalior has a lot to offer. It is especially popular for its lavish breakfast, a mixture of samosas, kachoris, potato curries, media, and chutney. Gazak and Til are also widely popular in this city. 


Weddings are special occasions filled with fun and sentimental moments. It is dearly special for the married couple as it is one of the most intimate moments in life. Couples can find it hard to manage all the events and get everything perfect. You will find yourself caught up in a dilemma while choosing from different options such as finding the ideal wedding venue in Gwalior, the expert wedding planners and decorators in Gwalior, and the best caterers in Gwalior to serve the most delicious food at the wedding. It is also essential to look perfect for the occasion: the beautiful wedding outfits, matching bridal jewelry, and mehndi artist in Gwalior to decorate the hands. Finding the ideal wedding planners to plan your wedding just like how you dreamt of is essential as anyone deserves to look like a star at their wedding. If you are looking for the right wedding planner for your wedding, WeddingWire India has the perfect solution for you. With numerous professional wedding planners listed, you can explore the list of choices and find the right one with just a few clicks at your fingertips. Visit the WeddingWire India website or download the application from the Play Store or the App Store today to avail of these services.

Find the right wedding planner in Gwalior with Wedding Wire India


Gwalior has numerous locations for you to explore and find the right wedding planner to bring all your dreams to life. WeddingWire India lists different wedding planners in Gwalior who can help you plan your wedding with ease. Using the filter provided, you can choose your preferred location and explore the other wedding planners and their services. WeddingWire India app/website clearly describes each wedding planner, the services they offer, and the price range. There is a portfolio of pictures and videos of the previous events they have planned displaying their work. To help you choose better, feedback from their previous clients has been included so that you get a better idea of the experience. 


Wedding planners in Gwalior provide ample services at affordable prices to give you the best experience. They are creative and come up with outstanding ideas to make your wedding fun and memorable. They offer services such as:



  • Venue selection


Choosing the right venue can be difficult, especially if you are planning your wedding at a place that you are not familiar with. Wedding planners are already prepared with lists of beautiful venues that would fit your wedding budget and theme.



  • Decoration


Wedding themes make the celebration fun and memorable. Wedding planners can create a beautiful space for you and your guests that aligns with your theme. Be it floral arrangements, matching colour drapes, or vibrantly lit stage, they have got everything covered just like what you wish.



  • Hospitality and guest services


Guests must also have a beautiful time at the wedding to enjoy to the fullest. Wedding planners in Gwalior will ensure that your guests are well taken care of throughout the whole wedding. 



  • Invitations


You need to invite the guests, and for that, you require classy or trendy invitations. Professional wedding planners in Gwalior can help you find the most creative and stunning wedding invitations in Gwalior that also match the theme of your wedding. 



  • Guest transfers


The guests must feel welcomed and comfortable at your wedding so that it turns out to be a memorable event for everyone. In the case of a destination wedding, the guests must have to move from different locations. Wedding planners in Gwalior will take complete responsibility for arranging the transportation of your guests from the hotels to the wedding venue in case of a destination wedding.



  • Trousseau packing


Exchanging the wedding trousseau is one of the auspicious events in an Indian wedding. These wedding planners will take care of the gifts exchanged by the couple’s family, the bride’s vanity bag, and the trousseau. The trousseau will be packed efficiently and beautifully to transport easily. 



  • Wedding cake and catering


Best caterers must be hired for the wedding to serve the delicious guests food and multiple cuisines. It is essential to book a skilled caterer that can work with your requests and requirements. The wedding planners in Gwalior will help you book the best one under your budget. Cutting the wedding cake is the sweetest part of your wedding. More than a tradition, having a wedding cake on your big day has become a trend. You can have a unique and delicious wedding cake with multiple tiers with the help of wedding planners. 



  • Styling and Grooming


Weddings are one of the most glamorous events in your life. You must look the best by finding the perfect wedding attire, having beautiful makeup done, and accessorizing yourself with gorgeous jewellery. Looking their best on their wedding day is the desire of every bride and groom. Wedding planners have a lot of vendors for respective areas in their list. They can easily find you the best makeup artists and wedding cloth vendors to glam you up, all within your budget.



  • Photography & Videography


Weddings are one of the most romantic moments in your life where you solemnise your love for one another. You will want professional photographers to capture those sentimental moments to cherish forever. These wedding planners in Gwalior have a list of associate photographers who will capture each moment of your wedding in an attractive manner and provide you with beautiful memories for life. 


DJ & Entertainment

Indian weddings are filled with energy, bliss, and color. Indians celebrate everything with music and dance, so much so that an entire ceremony of Sangeet is dedicated to dancing at weddings. Wedding planners will ensure that you and all your guests are entertained at all your wedding festivities while working with a good wedding DJ in the city.



  • Band & baraat


One of the most exciting moments of weddings is the bride’s and groom’s entry. While the audience is seated in the hall, the bride and groom’s entrance is highly anticipated. With so many new and popular entry trends now, you can surely make a lasting impression on all of your wedding guests. Your preferred wedding planner in Gwalior will help you plan and execute the entire thing. 


You can communicate with them and suggest ideas to make the whole function customized and better. 


Wedding planning can make you completely at ease as you can share the heavy load of getting everything perfect with professional wedding planners. With their assurance, you can have the time of your life without worrying about every tiny detail. Wedding planners in Gwalior offer their services at attractive prices. The price range starts from around INR 15000 and can go up to INR 100000 depending on the wedding planner and the services you choose to have at your wedding. WeddingWire India provides you with a filter to select the price range and explore choices that align with your budget. WeddingWire India also provides discounts with specific wedding planners in Gwalior, where you can strike the best deal with the chosen wedding planner. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Wedding Planners in Gwalior

What are the price ranges for wedding planners in Gwalior?

The cost of a wedding planner in Gwalior starts at around INR 20,000 and can go up to INR 10,00,000 depending on their expertise in the field or the number of events they are providing their services for.

When is the best time to consult with a Gwalior wedding planner?

Wedding planners always have events lined up in their schedules. It is best to consult them once you have decided on your wedding date and a budget. Having several weddings to plan, there's a chance they'll be booked on your desired date.

What are the services offered by a wedding planner in Gwalior?

Potential clients can choose from many wedding planning services, such as venue choosing, decoration, invitations, hospitality for guests, guest transports, entertainment setups, trousseau packing, photo and video services, and styling of the couple bridal cake and catering, and wedding band selection.

Are there wedding planners in Gwalior who specialize in planning destination weddings?

WeddingWire India's wedding planners specialize in providing professional wedding planners that can customize according to their client's needs, including coordinating destination weddings. You can enquire about the wedding planners while consulting them.

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