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One of the key cities in northern West Bengal and the gateway to the stunning seven sisters of India, Siliguri is tucked in between the North Eastern Himalayas and the Dooar region of West Bengal.

A Sprawling urban settlement and a fast-growing modern one at that, Siliguri, serves as a base to begin your travel journey to the gorgeous Darjeeling, Kalimpong, and Dooars region in West Bengal as well as Gangtok, among other surrounding places as it acts as the main transit point for air, road and rail traffic to the neighboring countries of Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh. Its sweeping natural beauty and captivating views make it a great place to start exploring, while it also makes for an ideal place for accommodation during your travels. Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, it shares the international border with Nepal and Bangladesh. Some areas worthy of attraction include Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary, Surya Sen Park, Salugara Monastery, ISKCON temple, and Umrao Boat club. Siliguri is majorly famous for tea plantations. 


The planning process of a wedding is far from a cakewalk, let alone executing the wedding plan. Putting a wedding together is, in fact, a complex task that takes every ounce of your energy, time, and resources. To develop a successful blueprint for your wedding, it’s wise to hire a wedding planner who can make your wedding planning journey a delightful one. With the expertise, experience, and training of the wedding planners, your wedding will be everything you wish for it to be. The best wedding planners are professionals who are well versed in the dos and don’ts associated with wedding planning and will take care of every little detail for your wedding, whether it’s for a wedding venue in Siliguri search and selection, choosing the right menu for your wedding ceremony or other wedding-related functions, making reservations for venues, caterers in Siliguri, and other wedding professionals, hiring a wedding planner is truly an investment if you wish to reap a successful and enjoyable wedding. Here in Siliguri, you will find the best wedding planners.


Download the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or the App Store, log in to the website, set the filters according to your preferences, and choose from over a thousand top wedding planners in Siliguri. Wedding planners will not only meet your expectations but also exceed and carefully put together a wedding that is everything that you dreamed of because of the passion and grit they bring to your wedding. Trusting your wedding planner’s creative instinct, determination, and work will bring you an unforgettable wedding experience that you can cherish for years to come without having to worry about every little detail that goes into planning. You will find thousands of wedding planners and other wedding professionals, and a host of vendors listed on WeddingWire India’s website and app. 

Find the best wedding planner in Siliguri via WeddingWire India:


Avail best quality wedding services tailored to your unique needs and preferences at great prices only on the WeddingWire India website. You can also easily access the same facilities on your mobile devices by downloading the WeddingWire Application available on both iOS and Android devices. Get ready to stumble upon a neverending list of the best wedding planners in and around Siliguri. You can scroll through various wedding planners who specialize in different styles and types of weddings. There is also a range of sorting tools made available for your selection convenience. From selecting a suitable range of prices that best fits your wedding budget, to checking locations that are easily found, to choosing types and styles of wedding you wish to have, and evaluating or requesting the best quotes from wedding planners online, you can find a good fit with WeddingWire India in a matter of minutes.


Responsibilities of a Wedding Planner: 

A wedding planner is supposed to plan your wedding from scratch to the T. Let’s help you gain clarity on what that possibly involves: 



  • Venue Selection: Wedding planners in Siliguri are well versed with the trending wedding venues in the city and around, which is why it’s best to let the experts decide for you. Of Course, this is done keeping in mind your preferences and venue budget. 




  • Decor and Event Layout: Ambience plays an important role in the feel of a social event which is primarily of the essence in weddings. Wedding planners ensure that they hire a decorator who can design, plan, and execute foolproof and gorgeous wedding decor keeping in mind the layout of the wedding venue.




  • Wedding Photography: In a saturated world of audio and visuals, photography is a norm, a way of life. And weddings today cannot go without mandatory photography and videography, which are integral to wedding planning. Wedding planners in Siliguri are sure to have connections with expert wedding photographers in Siliguri who can help you preserve your special day for life.




  • Catering Services: Whether it is deciding dishes, whole cuisines, planning a menu, or hiring a catering team, Wedding planners help you do it all. To hire the best catering service in Siliguri, WeddingWire wedding planners help you do that by evaluating your budget and comparing the costs of booking a catering service. 




  • Entertainment Services: From hiring a band or a DJ to booking a master of ceremonies, top wedding planners in Siliguri can help you find a good fit for an entertainment plan. You can also book celebrity singers, dancers, or even actors that can take your party up by a notch.




  • Grooming and Styling Needs: Have your makeup, styling, and grooming needs met by the best and expert professionals registered in your area with the help of your wedding planner. They are responsible for getting you in touch with stylists, hairdressers, makeup artists, and such to get you ready for your wedding. You can also request your wedding planners to cul out deals or packages that accommodate close friends and family to help them get ready. 




  • Reception of Barat: Whether you are the family that welcomes the groom or the family that comes along Dulha, wedding planners know a great deal about managing affairs on both sides. 




  • Hospitality Staff: Wedding planners are responsible for ensuring that your guest’s family and friends feel comfortable during your wedding functions while also ensuring that they have a great time. This would normally entail employing a skilled and experienced hospitality staff that can cater to the needs of your guests. 




  • Other Details: Sending out invitations, helping meet requirements related to family tradition and rituals, packing the bride’s trousseau, and transport-related logistics are also the responsibilities of a wedding planner. Wedding planners in Siliguri are well equipped with the required knowledge and expertise in planning weddings that are to remember for life.



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