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Wedding Catering Services Mysore

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  • Shree Annapoorneshwari Caterers

    Shree Annapoorneshwari Caterers is a catering service provider located Kuvempu Nagara in Mysore. The most important...Read more thing at a wedding ceremony is delicious food as it makes completion of a successful celebration. Hence if you are looking for one such facility for all your wedding functions then...

  • Shubham Catering Service

    Shubham Catering Service is a catering company based in Mysore. No wedding or wedding-related function will ever come...Read more close to perfection in the absence of a sumptuous food spread and mouth-watering beverages to go with. Food and beverages form the basic necessities of prepping for a wedding and for...

Find Best Caterers Services in Mysore

Whether it’s a wedding ceremony or your birthday party, food can make or break your event. Food is the lifeblood of any celebration. It’s essential to have food that satisfies you and your guests and enhances the overall experience of your party. Let’s see what kind of a menu Mysore can bring to your feast. Like its famous Mysore Palace, Mysore has to its credits the mouthwatering dessert ‘Mysore Pak’ invented at the Mysore Palace during the reign of Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV. Kakasura Madappa, an incredibly talented royal chef who was the first to make this sweet. Much like the rest of South India, Mysore has some of the best dosas, idlis, sambar, and uttapam, but that’s just not it. From sweets like Kesari Bath, Khara Bath, Payasam and super tasty and spicy treats like Bonda, vadas, uttapams, Poori Saggu, bisibelabath, and Kori Gassi Mysore has the yummiest-most-fulfilling foods that you wouldn’t want to miss. You can have all these authentic Mysore food items and more Karnataka delicacies on your menu only with the top caterers you’ll find here in Mysore. 


Wedding planning is a taxing task that demands a great deal of time, energy, and resources. It’s always a wise idea to classify the work and delegate tasks. WeddingWire India does just that for you. It helps you organise your thoughts, draft a plan for your dream wedding, and ready a team of the best wedding vendors in Mysore to execute the wedding plan for you. Selecting the right menu for your wedding functions factors in the success of your celebrations. WeddingWire India has many caterers ready to serve with a wide range of local and international cuisines. Begin by exploring an exhaustive list of profiles of various catering services in Mysore by visiting the website today or by downloading the WeddingWire India app from the App Store or Play Store. WeddingWire India caters to all needs while you have the time of your life! All you have to do is log in to the WeddingWire India app or the website on your mobile device, and you can access a wide range of expert caterers in Mysore that will cook you the tastiest feast ever!


Mysore is the land of the centuries-old Devaraja market home to rich and the best spices in the country, best silk, and is filled with sandalwood. Mysore is a state that has always been socio-economically thriving and was the capital of the Kingdom of Mysore for a long time until 1947. In Mysore, you will find caterers that are experts in their craft of carefully curating dishes that strike a chord not just with your heart but also ring true and tasteful to your heart. Bringing you the best Karnataka food alongside a variety of cuisines such as North Indian, Oriental, Continental, European, Jain cuisines and the option of customized menus, Mysore also has the top caterers provide live food counters, chaat, and Indian street food, best mocktails and cocktails, and every food item under the sun that your tastebuds desire. 


Points to remember while hiring a catering service in Mysore

  • Credibility:  Always check whether the caterer you’re going to hire is licensed or not. A licensed caterer brings the assurance of hygienic and quality food that matches the standards of food safety. It also means that your caterer will carry liability insurance. Not hiring a licensed caterer can mean that you’re risking money and, most importantly, the health of your loved ones.
  • Expertise: Enquire about the cuisines your caterer specializes in. If the list includes the cuisine you want on your menu, that’s the caterer you would like to hire. 

Bookings and availability:  Ask your caterer questions regarding their availability for a whole day. A great question is to ask them about the number of reservations they usually go for during a day. More than one booking is a sign that they might not be available for a whole day on your wedding day.

Frequently asked questions regarding Caterers in Mysore

How much does a caterer charge in Mysore?

You can always enquire about the kind of food and services offered and choose what is best for you. Caterers in Mysore charge affordable rates in terms of price per plate. It is based on the type of cuisine and the number of people attending. At some places, the cost per plate starts from around INR 250, whereas some other places start their range from around INR 500 or more depending on the kind of food.

Will caterers get extra food?

Caterers in Mysore bring a sufficient amount of food according to the guest list provided. In this way, there is significantly less possibility for the shortage of food. If you do want extra plates, you can always discuss them with the caterers.

What other services are provided by the caterers in Mysore?

Apart from providing a variety of cuisines, catering services in Mysore provide services like staff, crockery, and cutlery, presentation for the food setup, mineral water bottles, and other soft beverages. You can also avail pure vegetarian or non-vegetarian caterers in Mysore. You can always ask about the services you want them to provide for your wedding.

What are the cancellation policies?

Cancellation policies normally differ. While some wedding caterers in Mysore may deduct a small percentage of the booking amount, others might not, while some might have completely different cancellation policies in place. It’s best to inquire about the same before booking your caterer in Mysore.

Does the food catering company offer food tasting?

A specific few caterers in Mysore provide private tasting sessions for clients to try the chosen food items. This helps in making any changes or adjustments to the menu served on the main wedding day. Catering companies that offer this service do charge fees depending on what food you have selected. The best caterers in Mysore offer food tasting sessions or give you samples of the food items so that you make an informed and tasteful decision, so enquire and avail the same with your caterer before you finalize the menu.

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