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Find your wedding venue

Find your wedding venue

Search through a vast selection of venues to find the place that perfectly matches your wedding vision.

Venues in Hyderabad

  • Ridhira Retreat

    Ridhira Retreat

    From ₹1,350
    100 to 700
  • Maruti Gardens

    Maruti Gardens

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹700
    100 to 1000
  • Skyway Events & Banquets

    Skyway Events & Banquets

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹450
    30 to 300
  • Lemon Tree Premier

    Lemon Tree Premier

    From ₹1,700
    30 to 120

Venues in Bangalore

  • The Coco Club PREMIUM

    The Coco Club

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹2,500
    50 to 700
  • The WhiteHall PREMIUM

    The WhiteHall

    1 promotion -10% Discount
    From ₹450
    300 to 2500
  • The Groves, Bangalore

    The Groves, Bangalore

    2 promotions -5% Discount
    From ₹2,500
    100 to 2000
  • Days Suites

    Days Suites

    From ₹650
    25 to 90

Venues in Mumbai

  • GCC Hotel and Club PREMIUM

    GCC Hotel and Club

    From ₹900
    30 to 5000
  • Turf Banquet & Lawns

    Turf Banquet & Lawns

    From ₹2,500
    100 to 2000
  • Hotel Laxvas

    Hotel Laxvas

    1 promotion -3% Discount
    From ₹850
    25 to 125
  • Hotel Plaza

    Hotel Plaza

    From ₹999
    30 to 100

Venues in Chennai

  • SPP Gardens PREMIUM

    SPP Gardens

    From ₹1,050
    75 to 3000
  • The Palace House, Chennai

    The Palace House, Chennai

    1 promotion -5% Discount
    From ₹1,500
    50 to 700
  • Asirvatham Mahal

    Asirvatham Mahal

    1 promotion -15% Discount
    From ₹48,000
    100 to 1200
  • The Leela Palace, Chennai

    The Leela Palace, Chennai

    From ₹2,500
    50 to 1000

We've got every type of venue to make your unique wedding a reality

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12 Factors to consider before choosing the venue for your wedding

Finding the most fitting venue for your wedding ceremonies and celebrations can be a daunting task, but we're going to help you narrow your search and guide you through the first steps. Are you ready?

Budget. One of the most deciding factors that will guide your venue search is your budget. Once you've got a clear idea of how much you can spend on the venue, you'll be able to narrow your search and take advantage of your precious time as you make visits.

Availability. Once you have a wedding date, it's a good idea to ask if the venue is available on your wedding date. If they are available and you're clear on your priorities and the services they offer are suitable to you, ask how far in advance you can reserve the venue. Also ask if they do multiple weddings in one day.

Capacity. Next, you'll need to ensure your guest list will fit in the venue. Ask how many guests can the venue accommodate, what facilities do they offer for pre- and post-wedding events?

Accommodation. Does the venue provide accommodation? What are the costs and are there deals for large groups? If they don't have accommodation on the premises, perhaps they can recommend nearby hotels.

Services. What are the services the venue can offer? It's a good idea to get a detailed list with pricing to make the best decisions going forward. If you prefer your own photographer or caterer to the one the venue provides, be sure to ask if you can bring your own vendors.

Time. It's important to get a precise answer to this question. For how many hours can we use this venue as per the quoted rental amount? Are there fixed timelines?.

Rules. It's a good idea to ask about any specific rules the venue has, such as noise-reduction, curfews, or protocols that your vendors should know about. What spaces do vendors have access to?.

Facilities. What facilities and equipment can the venue supply for your wedding? This could include equipment for the DJ, caterer, and anything else you may need. It may seem obvious that certain things would be included, but it is better to be sure.

Logistics. Are there parking facilities at the venue to accommodate all your guests and is there a fee? Is there wheelchair access throughout the venue or are there limited areas? What is the backup plan if the weather impedes your planned outdoor wedding celebration?.

Menu. If the venue will cater your wedding, ask for prices per person, special menus, allergies, and you may also want to ask if alcohol is allowed and if it can be arranged? Finally, get detailed pricing for everything.

Point of contact. Take a close and thorough look at their photo gallery to see the quality of their work. If they are decorators, for example, their design style should match the kind of wedding aesthetic you are going for. If they are photographers, their photos should reflect the style of photography you're looking for.

Fine print. Go over every possible scenario, extra services, over-time fees, cancellation policy and anything else that could surprise you when it's time to pay. You should also be informed on the payment methods and timings. Once you've covered these points, you're ready to book your venue.

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