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Bridal Makeup Artists Ranchi

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Best Makeup Artists in Ranchi

On your wedding day, it’s wise to celebrate the spotlight that’s on you truly. It’s equally important that you radiate charming confidence throughout your wedding festivities. To feel your best, you have got to rest up nice and dress up real nice. And to top it all, you need the magical touch of makeup. Makeup enhances your look by adding a certain festive charm for you to look your best and feel your best at all times. 


Ranchi boasts of thick green forests, mesmerizing waterfalls, and a glorious past. As a city that has been around for centuries, right from the Magadha Empire in 600 BCE to the Mughal to the British empire in the last century, the capital city of Jharkhand has witnessed many onslaughts of invasions and freedom struggles. Ranchi dates back thousands of years which makes it one of the oldest cities in the country. The abundance of flora and fauna in Ranchi and the serene waterfalls in the city has given it the 'City of Waterfalls.' Hundru Waterfall, Dassam Falls, Jonha Falls, Tagore Hill, and Rukka Dam are great places for a spiritual retreat.


While Jagganath Temple and Ratu Palace are symbols of Ranchi's cultural inheritance, the city of waterfalls is also a force in the production of mineral wealth in India. Ranchi is among the country's most affluent forestry areas acting as a pivot to forest and freedom activism such as ‘Save the Forest of Jharkhand,’ ‘Non-Cooperation Movement,’ and ‘Jharkhand Movement.’ Ranchi is also an educational and sporting center housing some of the most distinguished institutes and international stadiums. 


All eyes are on you and your partner; whether it’s your sangeet or mehndi ceremony or cocktail parties, this is your chance to shine the brightest and radiate your inner happiness with a touch of dazzle by the top makeup artists in Ranchi. Whether it’s for the bride and groom or their best man and bridesmaids, WeddingWire India has a host of best makeup professionals for all. You’ll find expert makeup artists for unique wedding hairstyles and makeup. Ranchi has a range of skilled and experienced makeup artists who give you various makeup styles and techniques to choose from. You will find everything from airbrush makeup techniques to traditional makeup methods trending in the makeup world to make you and your loved ones look their best on your wedding day. 


Being the bride or the groom can be a tiring task if the work of the wedding preparations isn’t delegated efficiently. Often the couple can be left stressed out and bamboozled with all that goes behind putting on a glamorous wedding ceremony. This is where WeddingWire India jumps right in! The WeddingWire India app and website enlist the best wedding planners and other wedding professionals to cater to your wedding needs, whether big or small. Install the WeddingWire India app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store, or log in to the WeddingWire website and set the filters according to your preferences. You will find plenty of bridal makeup artists in Ranchi.

 How to find the best Bridal Makeup Artists on WeddingWire India? 


Some of the best makeup artists in Ranchi are listed on WeddingWire India. And to make the process of searching, selecting, and finalizing your MUA, the WeddingWire app and website have their portfolio shown so that you can explore the services they provide and browse through different work profiles of these makeup artists. More importantly, you can read reviews of their past clients and make an informed decision. Find a pocket-friendly and expert makeup artist that specializes in bridal makeup on the WeddingWire App and website with great ease. Use the price filter to select a  price range that suits your budget, and then you can shortlist your picks accordingly. Other filters also available on the online portal help you decide which makeup artist to pick based on your choice of style of makeup, price range, availability in terms of location, packages offered by the artists, etc. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Bridal Makeup Artists in Ranchi

How much do makeup artists charge for bridal makeup?

The cost of bridal makeup packages in Ranchi starts from INR 5000 and goes up to INR 40,000. The type of makeup you pick for yourself from options such as HD makeup, Airbrush makeup, Traditional makeup, Mineral makeup, etc. and the number of wedding events in addition to other services that you may require for your wedding day, etc. are some of the deciding factors of your total cost of makeup.

What are some of the services provided by Bridal Makeup Artists?

Expert MUAs enlisted with WeddingWire India like to keep up with global trends. Besides bridal makeup, there are many other facilities you can avail of, such as hairstyling with hair extensions, bridal garment draping, nail extensions, etc., for your wedding day.

Is there a trial available before booking a Bridal MUA?

Most bridal makeup artists provide a free trial before you finalize and book, while there are artists who might not offer such a trial. There are certain Top Celebrity bridal makeup artists that might not be available for trials. It’s wise to check with your MUA regarding the facility of trial makeup.

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