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Bridal Makeup Artists Faridabad

97 results

  • Kanak's Makeup Studio

  • Makeup Artistry by Upasna

  • Malvika Bhatia Makeovers

  • Hem Azad, Sector 9, Faridabad

  • Blendd It Out

  • Devinder Freelancer

  • Makeup Sultana by Daizy Sapra

  • Glam Look by Swati

  • The Makeup Express, Delhi

  • Makeup Wand by Meher

  • Sarneet Kaur, Faridabad

  • Shreen Gupta

  • Glam by DK, Faridabad

  • I Candy Makeovers, Haryana

  • Anju Chauhan Makeovers

  • Manisha Makeovers, Delhi

  • Shruti Maheshwari Makeovers, Faridabad

  • Payal Modgill Makeup

  • Isha Oberoi Makeover

  • Makeover by Sushmita Gandhi

  • Masoon Makeover

  • Hema Makeovers

  • Vvanitaa Makeovers

  • Makeup by Meher

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Best Bridal Makeup Artists in Faridabad

  • Haryana's largest city, Faridabad, resides within the National Capital Region of Delhi. One of Delhi's major satellite cities, Faridabad, faces New Delhi on the north and Gurgaon on the west, while its southern border lies with Uttar Pradesh. It was founded to protect the Grand Trunk Road, which connects Delhi and Agra, in 1607 by Shaikh Farid, treasurer for the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Faridabad has a thriving history of industrial growth. The agricultural sector is known for henna manufacturing and tractors, motorcycles, switch gears, refrigerators, shoes, tires, and clothing major industrial products. The city of Faridabad is described as the eighth fastest-growing city in the world, and the third fastest city in India is a sprawling metropolis. Faridabad does not just stop at industries but is a holder of natural beauty and culture, with its world-famous annual fair 'Surajkund International Crafts Mela,' serene lakes such as Badkhal Lake and Surajkund Lake are some famous spots n the city for you to visit, besides some of the best malls. Despite being an industrial park, Faridabad makes you feel at home. The centrality and convenient location of Faridabad make it one of the top cities to plan your wedding in the NCR.


    From the Chandni Chowk market and Lajpat Nagar markets that are a drive away for picking the best bridal lehenga to the best wedding venues Faridabad boasts of, this city is a paradise for someone who wants to plan a grand wedding with minimum hassle. The bride is always the highlight of any wedding. From the moment she walks into the room, everyone turns to look at her. As the most special day of her life, her wedding day deserves her best appearance. When it comes to a grand wedding ceremony, there are dozens of things that matter, and one of them is the bride's enchanting makeover. Finding a good bridal makeup artist for your wedding is far more challenging than expected. Weddings in Faridabad are an easy ride if you have WeddingWire India as your one-stop solution! WeddingWire India makes it easy to find the best bridal makeup artist in Faridabad. By downloading the WeddingWire India app from the Play Store or App Store or by logging in to the website, you can set the filters according to your interests. You will then find a wide range of vendors who will make your dream wedding come true, including the best bridal makeup artists in Faridabad.


    WeddingWire India knows what it is like for brides to struggle to find the appropriate bridal makeup artist who understands the requirements of the skin while keeping up with the latest trends in today’s world. WeddingWire India has therefore compiled a list of over 100 highly rated makeup artists in Faridabad. There is a portfolio on display for each makeup artist in Faridabad that offers an overview their services. Also included is the reviews section, where they showcase feedback from previous clients. This will enable you to determine which makeup artist in Faridabad is best for you by exploring your options. Moreover, the website provides you with the facility to filter your search by price range and location.


    WeddingWire India offers a variety of appealing packages tailored to your exact needs for makeup artists in Faridabad. There are many different services available from these makeup artists. Pricing ranges from around INR 5,000 to more than INR 40,000 for bridal makeup packages. Apart from bridal makeup, the party makeup package includes makeup for the pre-wedding or post-wedding functions. Price ranges from INR 5000 to INR 30,000 for party packages. Additionally, you can purchase a family makeup package that includes makeup for the members of the family. Family packages start at around INR 3,000 and can reach INR 5,000 or more. 


    Makeup artists in Faridabad provide both hair and makeup services for weddings. Authentic and high-quality makeup brands are applied to guarantee a satisfying and healthy makeover. At every ceremony, you will be provided with various services to ensure that you turn heads as you walk by. Regular makeup, HD makeup, airbrush makeup, hairstyling, nail extensions, eye lenses and makeup, eyelash extensions, and garment draping are some of these services. Several makeup artists are ready to travel with you for your wedding and make sure you look stunning wherever your ceremonies are being held. Makeup artists in Faridabad can help you decide what bridal look will suit you and your skin best and what kind of services you should hire for your wedding.

    Airbrush or HD: What Bridal Makeup in Faridabad should you choose?


    As HD cameras have changed the game, even the tiniest freckle, mole, or blemish on the bride's face is now visible, which is why makeup techniques must also be innovated.

    • Airbrush makeup: Usually recommended for oily skin tones, bumpy skin, or very problematic skin, an airbrush is a lightweight application that does not require brushes. It can also be used during the summer months to last longer than other techniques and products.
    • HD makeup: Using HD foundation and brushes, regular bridal makeup looks flawless on camera. The HD makeup appears invisible, feels feather-light, and conceals flaws such as acne scars, blemishes, pores, and uneven texture. High-definition makeup products blend flawlessly with the skin.


    How to find the best bridal makeup artists in Faridabad on WeddingWire India?


    Whether your budget is large or small, WeddingWire India has makeup artists in Faridabad to suit every bride's needs. What matters is what suits you best. From beginners to freelancers and even celebrity makeup artists, WeddingWire India has professionals from all over India on board. With the options to filter the results according to your requirements, such as city, price per event, type of makeup, and services, you can find a makeup artist in Faridabad that fits your aesthetic and wedding budget. If you want to contact them, you can request their contact on their storefront or use the website to send an inquiry request. 


    Avoid these mistakes when you book a makeup artist in Faridabad:


    There is no escaping that your bridal makeover is crucial on your wedding day, and any mistake that might cause a hindrance should be avoided. Among them are:


    • Not booking a trial in advance.
    • Not talking about the different looks you will wear for other events.
    • Not clear how long the makeup artists will take to complete your bridal look.
    • Due to incorrect estimation, family members are not provided with makeup artists.
    • No discussion about whether the hairstyle will be a part of the wedding package or separately charged.
    • Possible touch-ups during the time of the event. 
    • Trying to schedule a makeup artist at short notice. 
    • Not confirming the number of people on your guest list who need a professional makeup artist


    Find Top Makeup Artists

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Frequently Asked Questions in Bridal Makeup Artists in Faridabad

How much does a bridal makeup artist in Faridabad charge?

The cost of bridal makeup artists varies from INR 5,000 to INR 40,000. Depending on their services, you can customize your bridal package by selecting from the services they offer to apply makeup for guests and bridesmaids.

Will the bridal makeup artist in Faridabad provide hair accessories, or do the clients have to get them?

As part of bridal makeup packages, hairstyles are included, and most of the time, the hair accessories will be provided by the makeup artist at no additional cost. If you wish to bring your hair accessories, you are welcome to do so. The best thing to do is to talk to your makeup artist in advance.

Are bridal makeup artists in Faridabad willing to travel for a destination wedding?

Almost all those involved in bridal makeup in Faridabad are experts willing to accompany you to your destination wedding as well. However, it is best to inform them about the wedding destination before booking, as the couples are usually responsible for the makeup artist's travel and accommodation expenses.

Does the makeup artist stay back at the venue for any touch-up required during the event?

Several makeup artists in Faridabad will do touch-ups at your location if they are needed, though these may be charged extra. The requirement isn't compulsory, and makeup artists can refuse as well. At the time of booking, you can talk to the makeup artist about this.

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