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Bridal Makeup Artists Amritsar

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Find Your Makeup Artists in Amritsar

Become the most glamorous bride ever with the best bridal makeup artists in Amritsar. Located in the heart of Punjab, Amritsar has a rich cultural heritage. It is not only the centre of Sikhism, but also is a de facto sentinel at the Indo-Pak border, a centre of Punjabi politics, and the place where Shri Guru Hargobind Ji raised and prepared the first Sikh army. Known all over the world as Sifti da Ghar or the house of all virtues, Amritsar has a prestigious spiritual and national heritage. You can see gurudwaras, temples, mosques, churches, takiyas, and mosques, coming together in a magnificent architectural combination. Known for its old narrow streets and narrow alleyways, Amritsar embodies the resistance to British imperialism or the onslaught of partition times. The delectable treats that Amritsar offers are unbeatable when it comes to food. Dhabas line the street and bring you food that speaks to your heart and stomach. It is known for its flavourful and spicy chole, as well as its famous Amritsari kulchas and mouth-watering paranthas. A melting pot of cultures and a place where secularism is everywhere, Amritsar is the crown jewel of Punjab.

In order to plan a flawless wedding ceremony that shall be remembered by all, you must take care of the nitty-gritty during planning your wedding. Picking a wedding venue in Amritsar is a pivotal task and gets the process started. Soon you will find yourself looking for the best wedding photographers in Amritsar, the top caterers in Amritsar or maybe even the best wedding planners in Amritsar to coordinate and conduct an unforgettable wedding celebration. One other very important vendor on your wedding checklist has to be a bridal makeup artist in Amritsar. In order to pull off that flawless bridal look on each day of your wedding celebrations, you can hire the top makeup artists in Amritsar right here on the WeddingWire India app. WeddingWire India makes it easy to find the best bridal makeup artist in Amritsar, by either downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store or by logging in to the website.

Every bride deserves an understanding bridal makeup artist who observes and knows what type of skin requires what kind of products. This enables them not only to give you a fabulous makeover but also to take care of your skin all at once. Now finding the perfect makeup artist for your wedding can be a taxing job at hand given there are so many fishes in the sea. This is why WeddingWire India has compiled a list of numerous highly-rated makeup artists in Amritsar. There is a portfolio on display for each makeup artist in Amritsar and these portfolios offer an overview of their services, their experiences, the kinds of techniques they use, the brands of makeup they prefer and so on along with prices too. You will also find the reviews section, where they showcase feedback from previous clients who have availed of their services. All of these amazing features and information will enable you to determine which makeup artist in Amritsar is suited best for you. Moreover, the website provides you with the facility to filter your search by price range, location, types of services, the kind of ceremonies and so on.

WeddingWire India offers a plethora of options when it comes to bridal makeup artists in Amritsar and each of these makeup artists offers different opening prices and these quotes can be altered as per the services you pick and various other factors. While negotiations are always a part of the business, the generic prices quoted by the makeup artists range from around INR 5,000 to more than INR 40,000 for bridal makeup packages. Apart from bridal makeup, there is a party makeup package and it includes makeup for the pre or post-wedding functions. Price ranges from INR 5000 to INR 30,000 for the party packages too. Additionally, you can purchase a family makeup package that includes makeup for the members of the family and these packages start at around INR 3,000 and can reach INR 5,000 or more per head.

You will be thrilled to know that the makeup artists in Amritsar not only offer face makeover services but also provide hair styling and so on for weddings. Authentic and high-quality makeup brands are applied to guarantee a satisfying, sanitary and healthy makeover. Regular makeup, HD makeup, airbrush makeup, hairstyling, nail extensions, eye lenses, eyelash extensions, and garment draping are some of the popular services opted by the brides and their families for the wedding packages. Several makeup artists in Amritsar are also ready to travel to your venue in case of a destination wedding to ensure that they offer premium services to their clients. Makeup artists in Amritsar shall also assist you to decide about the types of makeup, brands and other services as per their expertise.

How to Find Your Bridal Makeup Artist in Amritsar?

Whether your wedding budget is minimal or over the top, WeddingWire India has makeup artists in Amritsar to suit every bride's needs without burning a hole in your pockets. From beginners to freelancers and even celebrity makeup artists - there are several professionals from all over India on board for you to pick from. The filters will help you find a makeup artist in Amritsar that fits your aesthetic and wedding budget like a glove. You can even get in touch with the bridal makeup professionals by sending a query on the app/website.

Things to Keep in Mind as You Search for Your Makeup Artist

Here are some pointers to keep in mind that will ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for you while you pick the best bridal makeup artist in Amritsar for your big day.

Always try to book a trial well in time to be aware of their services before finalising.

Be specific if you have any look in mind that you are inspired by, and show these looks to the bridal makeup artist to confirm if they can get it one.

You must ask the makeup artists about how many people will they provide in their team for the bridal makeup and how long will that take.

In case your family members will also avail of their services, you must get clarity about the price per head and how long it shall take.

Make sure to ask about hairstyling and the provision of hair accessories if you want your bridal makeup artist in Amritsar to do your hair and makeup.

You can also ask them about the hours that they will accompany you during the wedding or about the last minute touch ups before each ceremony.

You must avoid scouting for a makeup artist at the very last minute. This creates a lot of confusion and a rash decision.

Frequently Asked Questions in Bridal Makeup Artists in Amritsar

How much does a bridal makeup artist in Amritsar charge?

Between an average of INR 5,000 to INR 40,000 - bridal makeup artists in Amritsar charge based on the types of services, experience, location, brands, number of people, etc. You can customize your bridal package too.

Will the bridal makeup artist in Amritsar provide hair accessories, or do the clients have to get them?

As part of bridal makeup packages, hairstyles are almost often included, and most of the time, these professional HMUAs provide their clients with hair accessories - but an additional cost might be incurred. However, you can always bring your own accessories and ask the HMUA in Amritsar to improvise accordingly.

Are bridal makeup artists in Amritsar willing to travel for a destination wedding?

As far as destination weddings are concerned, you will find many bridal makeup artists in Amritsar who are ready to travel to your location. However, there are some makeup artists in Amritsar who do not provide doorstep services and you might need to even visit their salon inorder to avail of their services. Talk to the HMUS in Amritsar in advance to be on the safe side.

Does the makeup artist stay back at the venue for any touch-up required during the event?

Several makeup artists in Amritsar will do touch-ups at your location if they are needed, though these may be charged extra.

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