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Banquet Halls Rajkot

Banquet Halls in Rajkot - Find the best wedding halls in this list of suppliers. Check Prices, Capacity and Discounts with

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  • Shree Geetanjali Hall

    Shree Geetanjali Hall is a banquet hall situated in the city of Rajkot and can be the ideal setting for any of your...Read more special events. Picking the correct setting for your wedding and the majority of its other related capacities may be the hardest choice that you would make amid your wedding...

  • Comfort Inn Legacy By One Earth

    Comfort Inn Legacy By One Earth is a hotel based out in the city of Rajkot. One Earth is known for its eco-conscious...Read more hospitality. They believe in providing responsive services to their clients without compromising the safety and environment of the Mother Earth. They have taken actual steps to be...

  • Regency Lagoon Resort

    Regency Lagoon Resort is a famous banquet hall based out of Rajkot in Gujarat. They are your one-stop solution for all...Read more your wedding occasions ranging from pre-wedding functions to post-wedding ceremonies. Choosing the right venue is the key to wedding success. Therefore if you are looking for a...

  • Moris Banquet Hall

    Moris Banquet Hall is a banquet hall based out of Rajkot and is an ideal place to host all your wedding related...Read more functions. Weddings are the most beautiful event in a person life as it is the start of a new journey. Planning a perfect wedding is not an easy task to accomplish it, as it requires a lot...

  • Matuki Banquet, Rajkot

    Matuki Banquet is a venue located in Rajkot, available for you to host your nuptial ceremonies. There is a lot of...Read more pressure put on the wedding venue for being the most important and one of the major facets of a wedding. It is not only expected to fulfil the criteria of being a picturesque background...

  • Marasa Sarovar Portico, Rajkot

    Marasa Sarovar Portico, Rajkot is of the most decent venue for all your event related to the wedding. It is accessible...Read more and offers the ultimate solutions for your wedding venue needs. Marasa Sarovar Portico, Rajkot offers a stunning venue to host spectacular celebrations and functions. It offers...

  • Vinnca BIZZ the Hotel, Rajkot

    Located in Dr. Yagnik Road in Rajkot, Vinnca Bizz the Hotel is a venue available for hosting your wedding. The venue is...Read more not only meant to serve your aesthetic and visual pleasures but also needs to accommodate your guests comfortably. It is not merely a beautiful backdrop for your wedding albums,...

  • ADB Atithi Devo Bhava Hotel

    ADB Atithi Devo Bhava Hotel is a venue in the city of Rajkot. While orchestrating your fantasy wedding the requirement...Read more for you to pick the correct space is the principal need that should fulfil your agenda and go by your list of requirements. When you are attempting to locate a wonderful place in a...

  • Navdurga Hall

    Navdurga Hall is a venue based out of the city of Rajkot and it is available for hosting your wedding ceremonies. The...Read more venue has to meet a lot of expectations in order to qualify as your ideal one because mere beautiful facade is not enough for it to be the place where you host the most important day...

Banquet Halls in Rajkot

Banquet halls are a great pick for hosting a wedding banquet. You can grab the best deals on Banquet Halls in Rajkot only on the WeddingWire India website and app. Gujarat is filled with cities that are dotted with historically significant architecture, exceptional arts and a culture rooted in age old Gujarati tradition. Rajkot is no different from its other sister cities, it is, in fact, a city that houses central Jubilee Garden that is a spot of great worthiness. The popular Lang Library filled with extensive work of Gujarati literature also lies in Jubilee garden, alongside the Watson Museum that houses artistic masterpieces and archives from the times of British Imperialism in India. There are many interesting places in Rajkot for a tourist to visit such as Kaba Gandhi No Delo, the house where Mahatma Gandhi lived for a portion of his childhood, and the Rotary Dolls Museum that exhibits dolls from all over the globe. Rajkot is a rapidly growing city in terms of industrialisation and increasing urbanisation. Popular for its silk work, crafting exquisite gold jewellery and being a horologists’ hub, Rajkot, is a great industrial centre.

Dearly called as Rangilu Rajkot, it hosts many festivals and artistic performances as it remains to be one of the most pivotal centers of the arts in Gujarat. Because of Rajkot’s well developed infrastructure and growing industrialisation, it houses many major brands, corporates, retail outlets, malls and such. Rajkot with its modern facilities makes for a great place to host a dashing 21st century wedding celebration. With a detailed list of unique wedding venues registered on the WeddingWire India website, finding a ideal venue in Rajkot - especially banquets for your wedding is a task far from difficult. Download the WeddingWire India app that you on your iOs and android devices and get free access to a detailed list of banquet halls in Rajkot by applying necessary filters to find banquets within your budget/top rate banquets in your city/best banquet halls near you in Rajkot and more . Install the app now to jumpstart on your hunt for a suitable wedding venue.

Weddings in Rajkot are fancy to say the least. For weddings that are big and festive, the feasts are generally elaborate. And what’s better than hosting an elaborate and extravagant wedding in a suitable banquet hall that you can choose from a comprehensive list of top banquet halls in and around Rajkot. Banquet halls in Rajkot are multipurpose, meaning that they are booked for various occasions such as weddings, wedding banquets, business conferences, poojas, jagratas, birthday bashes etc. Banquet halls are perfect for throwing a grand dinner party. Browse through a catalogue of Banquet halls you’ll find in Rajkot only on the WeddingWire India app and website. Scroll up for more details on finding top banquet halls in Rajkot.

Things to Remember Before You Finalise a Banquet Hall in Rajkot

Before you learn more about the ways of banqueting, here’s an idea to find out the best suiting banquet hall for your social event. Log onto the WeddingWire India website or app to search for banquet halls in Rajkot. On the homepage, you will find a search bar with options to customize your search. You can do this by clicking on the empty search bar and selecting from the drop down menu of different wedding venues, categories of wedding related vendors like wedding planners in Rajkot or wedding decorators in Rajkot , from different states/cities/regions within the cities in India.

Here is a list of things you wouldn’t want to miss out on while you plan for the perfect wedding banquet:

Planning the total budget: Be aware of the areas your money is going to go. The three main categories of your wedding budget should be ‘venue’ which in this case is a banquet hall in Rajkot, wedding planning, and ‘catering’. But apart from these necessities there are some important departments that you will need to consider allocating separate funds to. Decoration, event management or even planning, paying the hospitality staff, etc. are some areas that would also require proper budgeting. While planning a desi wedding it is especially important to plan for each event and ritual.

Purpose and theme of the banquet: The purpose of the banquet here is clear and it is celebrating the love between you and your significant other. When organising a wedding banquet the purpose is clear but what needs to be thought and planned thoroughly is the theme you want to opt for. It’s not important to choose a theme but it’s a trend that most couples these days like to follow. If you’re interested in a themed wedding, you can contact a list of wedding decorators on the WeddingWire website or App who can help you decide and plan the theme of your wedding banquet.

Finalising a banquet Hall: Assess the location of your banquet hall and aspects such as spaciousness, discounts offered, service packages offered by venue. Many top banquet halls in Rajkot offer great deals and packages that include services such as hospitality staff, catering, and sometimes an event planner as well! An appropriate wedding venue such as a banquet hall in Rajkot will reflect the quality of your wedding celebrations, so make sure you choose wisely.

Catering and menu planning: Decide the type of menu you want, include dishes, and don’t worry about breaking any rules. Put your favourites on your menu, add a couple of different cuisines if you so like but make sure you do the planning and finalizing well in advance. Once you’ve done that browse through caterers online on the WeddingWire India to hire one. While hiring a catering team make sure your menu needs are communicated clearly and that you’ve tested a batch of food prepared by the chef before you book them.

Entertainment: No host is a good host if they leave their guests bored, dull, and unhappy. To ensure that you do your hosting duties justice, hire a master of ceremonies or employ an anchor who would keep the ambience alive and zestful. Couples these days also love to have bands, stand up comedians or even celebrity guests to make their day extra special.

Selecting a banquet service: An important step of planning a banquet event is to explore different banquet services available in your choice of banquet hall. Many of the banqueting services that you will likely come across are commonly used in many social events either based on the type of menu or size and extent of the event. You can enquire about the availability of banqueting services such as buffet, reception-style banquet, plated banquet, etc.

Frequently asked questions regarding Banquet Halls in Rajkot

Does serving alcoholic beverages require a permit?

Usually it does require a permit or a license for the venue to serve alcohol on its premises. It’s best that the banquet hall you're in is in compliance with regulatory policies of the state.

What is the cost of hiring a bartender in Rajkot?

The cost of hiring a bartender mostly differs from place to place and it’s best to enquire about the same from your service provider.

Will I find any AC banquet halls in Rajkot?

Yes, you will find both AC and Non-AC banquet halls in Rajkot that you can choose from according to your needs.

Are there any banquet halls in Rajkot with lawns or a garden?

Yes, there are many banquet halls that have the provision of well-kept green lawns and verdant gardens that you can check out by making a visit to your shortlisted banquet halls.

Are the banquet halls in Rajkot furnished?

Yes, banquet halls in Rajkot are mostly fully furnished. Should you need to make any changes, the necessary requirements must be communicated to the venue manager for convenient arrangement.

What is the average cost of hosting a wedding at the best banquet hall in Rajkot?

Average cost of hosting an event in Rajkot depends upon the per plate cost that the party venue charges. It may normally include the cost of decoration and lighting or it can either be based on rental charges separate from variable charges of other services. The cost can start from as low as about Rs. 500 per pax.

Is a banquet hall a good pick for a wedding venue?

A banquet hall is a great pick for moderate to big celebrations. WeddingWire suggests that you select a venue that can easily fit your guests comfortably. It should be easily accessible and one that suits your budget the best.

What are the cancellation policies of banquet halls in Rajkot?

It is recommended to check the venue’s cancellation policies as these normally vary from venue to venue. Some charge a minimum amount while others don’t.

Questions to ask before booking a banquet hall in Rajkot?

Ask about the availability of the venue on your choice of date, check whether it can accommodate your guests, confirm the cost and assess whether that fits your budget, and recce the location to finalise your booking.

Which services are provided by Banquet halls in Rajkot?

Banquet Halls in Rajkot provide a variety of quality services. Valet parking, basic lighting, electricity, and electricity backup are some of the basic amenities that banquet halls in Rajkot mostly provide for hassle free wedding celebrations. For any customised services, WeddingWire suggests you to verify with your chosen service provider before you finalise your banquet hall.

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