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Banquet Halls Nagpur

32 results

  • Regenta Central Nagpur

  • The WhiteHall

  • Hardik Lawns & Banquet

  • Naivedhyam Northstar, Nagpur

  • Flora Inn

  • Parampara Lawn And Banquet

  • Wasudeo Celebration

  • 7 Vachann

  • Deeplaxmi Celebration

  • Senapati Tatya Tope Hall

  • Hotel Royal Regency

  • Apulki's Imperial Celebration

  • Hotel Shree Gayatri Inn, Nagpur

  • Anup Goenka's Hardik Lawns

  • The Empress Palace

  • Taksh Banquests, Dharampeth

  • Bhatia Farms

  • Kalra Celebrations

  • Hotel Avadh, Nagpur

  • Gujjar Celebration

  • Mango Hotels

  • Centre Point Hotels & Resorts, Ramdaspeth

  • Lamba Celebrations

  • R.S Lawn And Hall

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Regenta Central Nagpur

Regenta Central Nagpur

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Wasudeo Celebration

Deeplaxmi Celebration

Deeplaxmi Celebration

Hotel Royal Regency

Hotel Royal Regency

Find Best Banquet Halls in Nagpur

A city flourished with divine natural beauty in its every corner, Nagpur is situated on the banks of the River Nag. Landscaped vistas ornamented with scintillating lakes, fascinating low hills with lush green forests, and gorgeous black soil in and around the region make Nagpur a very hard miss. Nagpur is the third-largest city in Maharashtra and an important political, commercial and educational center of the Vidarbha region. Nagpur was founded by Bakht Buland Shah, a ruler of the Gond dynasty in the early 18th century, and has witnessed the reigns of the Maratha empire and British colonial rule. Steeped in rich Marathi and Buddhist history, Nagpur holds numerous titles to its name, such as ‘Winter Capital of Maharashtra,’ ‘Second Cleanest and the Greenest City of India,’ and many more. It is also known as the ‘Orange City’ for being a major trade center of orange cultivation and the ‘Tiger Capital of India’ due to the abundance of tiger reserves in and around the city. With scenic lakes like Futala lake, Ambazari lake, and prominent monuments like Deekshabhoomi and Sitabuldi Fort, Nagpur calls for A-class tourism. As interesting as it is, Nagpur lies directly in the middle of the country, where the "Zero Mile Marker'' marks its geographical center.


Indian weddings are laden with countless traditions and events, and picking the suitable event space makes a lot of difference. If you plan your wedding in Nagpur, make sure you select the perfect wedding venue in Nagpur, hire wedding decorators to bring the wedding theme to life, hand ire the right wedding photographers to choose talented caterers in Nagpur.


There are hundreds of wedding venues to choose from, but banquet halls are among the most popular and convenient choices for any event or ceremony. You will not be adversely affected by the weather conditions because banquet halls come equipped with indoor space. Whether it's raining or sunny, a banquet hall in Nagpur will always be a safe place for your guests and wedding celebration. In particular, if you're planning to get married in a city, banquet venues are a real blessing for your wedding, providing the perfect setting and ambiance. The banquet halls in Nagpur have everything to make your wedding the most elegant ever. 


From pristine lawns to beautiful interiors, they have it all! With an excellent selection of banquet halls in Nagpur, WeddingWire India offers excellent services at a great price. By using WeddingWire India, you can browse the enlisted ones and choose the one most appropriate for your wedding from the comfort of your home. Download the WeddingWire India app or visit the website from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store now.


How to find the top banquet halls in Nagpur using the WeddingWire India app?


You can quickly narrow down your options based on your preferences by using the filter provided by the WeddingWire India app.


Location: Using the provided filter, it is easy to locate multiple venues listed at your fingertips when looking for 'Banquet Halls in Nagpur.’ Simply choose the locations that match your needs, and only the relevant banquet halls in Nagpur will be displayed. Banquet halls in Civil Lines, banquet halls in Ramdaspeth, banquet halls in Mankapur are some well-known locations for venues in Nagpur.


Price: Once you've picked a wedding budget and located the proper location near you, it's time to pick out those that fit your budget. The banquet halls in Nagpur offer various price-per plate options for the veg menu, ranging from about INR 500 to INR 3000 and more. No matter what your wedding budget is, you will find a banquet hall that suits your needs. 


Capacity: You should consider the number of guests when choosing the banquet hall for your wedding. Banquet halls in Nagpur can accommodate 50 people to as many as 800 people, depending on the size. You can decide on a hall based on your guest list


Venue: The type of wedding venue that you need for your wedding can also be selected. Wedding venues like marriage gardens, hotels, palaces or forts, mandapams, and so on. These venues provide beautiful banquet halls for weddings, and you can pick from the options as per your choices. 

How can I get the best deals on banquet halls in Nagpur?


Finding a wedding banquet hall in Nagpur for your special day has never been so easy. Put filters to work and let WeddingWire India simplify everything for you. You can get the best deals on wedding banquet halls in Nagpur by following these tips:


Weddings in the off-season are a great idea: When the peak season arrives, banquet halls in Nagpur and the surrounding areas can be pretty expensive. If you book one for a wedding during the off-season, the cost will be significantly lower.


Weddings in the daytime: Consider holding your wedding during the day. Nowadays, even the trends favor a daytime wedding. Lunch is less expensive than dinner. It will also save you from spending money on lighting.


Booking in advance: Book the hall in advance when the guest list is finalized to pay less money. A minimum of 4-5 months before the wedding date is recommended.


Wedding on a weekday: If you want to save money on your wedding, schedule it on a weekday instead of the weekends since banquet halls scheduled for weekends are way expensive. 


Find Best Banquet Halls

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Frequently Asked Questions in Banquet Halls in Nagpur

How much do banquet halls in Nagpur cost?

The banquet halls in Nagpur come in a variety of prices and packages. You can choose one as per the opening prices or send inquiries and figure out some tailor-made packages. Now every package will include a per-day rental cost, and along with that, it will also have a price per plate as per the menu you pick.

Do banquet halls offer any additional services in Nagpur?

Banquet halls in Nagpur provide additional services, such as catering, decorations, DJs, valet parking, furniture, and guest accommodations, in addition to necessities like lighting, carpets, furniture, and electricity.

Do the banquet halls in Nagpur provide in-house decorators?

Many banquet halls in Nagpur have in-house decorators, but in case you picked a banquet hall in Nagpur that does not provide you with in-house decorators. You can hire an experienced wedding decorator in Nagpur using the Weddingwire India app.

Will the banquet halls in Nagpur provide an in-house DJ?

Various banquet halls in Nagpur provide in-house DJ services at the wedding venue, but that might not always be the case. You can check out the DJs in Nagpur to pick one if needed.

When do the banquet halls in Nagpur close at night?

Each of these banquet halls in Nagpur has a different set of policies and closing times. You can check with the venue in particular for details.

Can the banquet halls in Nagpur serve alcohol within premises?

If the banquet halls in Nagpur have the license to serve alcohol, they will allow liquor on the premises. However, you can always buy alcohol yourself and get a server at the banquet hall to save some costs.

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