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Need to Know About the Right Wedding Invitation Format? Then This Is the Only Guide You Need

Wedding invites require time. From the design to right colour palette and from the text to the font, everything matters. There’s also a structure to it and elements that you can’t miss. Here’s how to draft the perfect wedding invitation format.

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Your wedding cards are an important part of your pre-wedding preparation. Whether you are sending an e-invite or the real printed ones, it follows a format. Well, this is not to say you cannot be creative with what you do, you very well should! However, there are some elements of the format that are important. Certain names, lines and things just cannot be missed. Moreover, there’s also a way of presenting the card. Thus, here’s a comprehensive guide on the right wedding invitation format.

1. Revering The Deity

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This is completely a matter of personal choice. But people in our culture prefer starting off something auspicious with the presence of a deity they follow. Thus, usually, wedding cards have a religious text or the outline of a deity’s figure. So you could start with that.

2. Parents’ Names

This is probably the most important part of the wedding invitation format. Your parents are the ones who’ll be hosting the event. So it has to start off with their names. Mention their complete names and follow it up with something along the lines of “cordially invite you to.” It is advised to bolden the parents' name. And remember to be super careful with the spellings as well as the prefix. Do not misspell ‘Mrs.’ for ‘Mr.’ or vice versa.

3. Bride And Groom’s Names

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Of course, this is the main part of your wedding invitation format. The couple’s names. The text for this would be in bold and the font size would bigger than the rest of the text. Follow this up with the names of your grandparents. Also, the name of the person who is sending out the invite comes first. So if it’s the bride and her parents inviting, then her name comes first and vice versa. The name that comes later is followed by the names of the parents with prefix ‘d/o’ or ‘s/o’.

4. Day And Date

Next in line for the wedding invitation format is obviously the day and date of the wedding. It is probably as important as the couple’s names. So maybe keep the same font settings for the day and date as for your own names. Again you want to be careful and re-check thrice that the day and date are correct. That is to say that the given day is actually falling on the said date.

5. Time Of Ceremonies

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Follow that up with the time of the ceremonies. If you are groom then remember to mention the time of the Sehra Bandi and follow that up with when and where will the Baarat assemble. If you are the bride then none of that is required. Only the time and location of the event is required. Both your cards will mention the time of the Saat Phera ceremony.

6. Location

As like other important parts of the wedding invitation format, this too needs be amply visible. Remember all these important facts like the date, time and location need special attention, so as to be eye-catching. Follow this up with the complete address of the venue and if it so requires to mention the gate number from which to enter too. While in this tech-savvy it is not really required, but attach a map to the card. For some people that is still very helpful.

7. Important Family Members

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With all the important information covered, it's finally time to wrap up the wedding invitation format. Use words or phrases like “Regards”, or “With best wishes from” and add names of your close relatives to it. Remember to start with your siblings of course. Then add the surnames of all your close relatives. So this is it people, go draft one!


Last part of the wedding information format is requesting people to RSVP. First and foremost, do not commit the mistake of writing “please” after RSVP. This is an acronym for a French phrase, the last word of which already means “please.” This might then translate to “Respond please please.” Yeah, no one wants that. Then go ahead and mention the contact numbers of people they can reach out to RSVP or call in case of a query. It’s better to mention the number of those members who’ll be relatively less busy.

Of course, there is no restriction on what you put in your card. This little guide just helps you out with some of the basic elements in a wedding invitation format. We even suggest going crazy with some caricatures and funky content but leave some space for these elements too. A formal invite is always nice. So go ahead and start working on your quirky and pretty wedding card, because we’ve just sorted the boring yet important details for you.

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