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Here’s How to Click Wedding Dresses Pictures to Highlight Your Wedding Outfit Perfectly

Wedding outfits are totally the highlight of your big day. It thus becomes important that you have it captured the right way. Here are some brilliant ways to have your wedding dresses pictures clicked, so as to highlight your lovely outfit.

Omega Productions

The hunting around. The uncountable shops you’ve entered and the endless number of fittings you’ve been too. Your wedding dress really demands your sweat and blood (and a whole lot of money too). It is only fair that you let your passion project take some credit on your big day.

Moreover, you’ll be infiltrating all the event’s pictures so your outfit will as it is, be the highlight. Thus, it’s important to know the right angles and ways to have your wedding dresses pictures clicked. Here are some ways you can do them right!

1. In The Frame

CoolBluez Photography

The beautiful powder blue lehenga is taking up the whole frame. What better way to highlight something than to let it cover the whole frame. This is one of those wedding dresses pictures, where the game of contrasts is making for a lovely capture. Her blue outfit and the emerald green jewellery make the outfit and the picture look really pleasing.

2. In The Hallway

CoolBluez Photography

Hallways shoots are ‘the thing’ these days. The first thing any bride does is that she gets clicked in the symmetrical hallway. Its the symmetry of the doors to both the sides that makes the picture rather visually appealing. Moreover, the bright beautiful dress gets to really shine against the simple dull background.

It’s a mid-twirl photo which opens up the lehenga, making it super easy to capture its minute details. It’s amazing how you can see all the layers of the lehenga.

3. The Simple One

CoolBluez Photography

Get a very simple and classy front-facing picture. Since the bride isn’t doing much in the picture, the eyes are easily going to move towards the highlight of the picture. The beautiful lehenga. Moreover, the simple and plain yet pretty background of the image gives a gorgeous canvas for her heavy dress to shine. It is one of those wedding dresses pictures in which every detail of the outfit is crystal clear.

4. The Twirl

Dhanika Choksi Photography

Of course, this is one of the most common ways to highlight your outfit for your wedding dresses pictures. The twirl pose. It opens up the lehenga and highlights the little details of the outfit even from a distance. While the green colour of the lehenga is beautiful, the addition of the pink floral print is captivating! Why this picture also works well is due to the pink in the decor.

The dress and decor really complement each other and make for a really pleasing picture.

5. Flowers Everywhere

Light Bucket Productions

This is again one of those wedding dresses pictures that take elements from its background. While the popping yellow of the dress is as it is the highlight, the flowers make for a lovely picture. Both on the dress and the background. If you notice closely, the colour of the flowers on her dress is exactly the same as in the background. Of course, all these matching elements really help the yellow shine.

6. Shadows and Colours

Omega Productions

This is one of those wedding dresses pictures where the photographer has played well with the shadows and highlights. The Rani Pink colour is anyway very eye-catching. However, taking shadows into play, the wedding photographer has managed to highlight the outfit. It’s surprising how almost every detail of the outfit is crystal clear. From the work on the lehenga to that on the dupatta.

7. The Top Angle

The Cheesecake Project

The smartest way of capturing the whole outfit is to take the top angle. You can clearly see every detail in this picture. The best part about this is that the photographer has employed the ocean in the background very well. Again this is among the wedding dresses pictures that have employed the natural elements in the background to highlight the outfit. Especially by matching the flower work on the lehenga with the actual flowers along the path.

8. The Pretty Entryway


This entryway is extremely beautiful. The Indian elements along with the doorway definitely complement the splendid outfit. Her red lehenga contrasts very well against the off white walls decorated with the pretty yellow. The symmetrical element in the picture does a lovely job of highlighting the stunning lehenga.

Just follow these little tips and tricks so as to get beautiful wedding dresses pictures. It’s all in the details and you just need to be aware of what’s happening around you. So start practising your wedding day poses in front of the mirror already. You as it is, need to do that for the ample amount of photos you’ll be getting clicked. Remember to practice your lovely smile though, because that surely amps up your lovely outfit. Happy posing! So, start posing and curate your treasure trove of happy and unforgettable memories now!

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