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Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Wish Your Bff on This Lovely Day

Here is a list of the quirkiest, funniest, naughtiest & the most emotional wedding anniversary wishes for your best friend. Dedicate these to your friend & spread some love!

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Friends happen to be the most unofficial guests at any given wedding. It is they who bring fun, laughter and quirk to the traditions of marriage. From teasing the bride and the groom to becoming the anchor of ladies Sangeet and men’s cocktail night, friends are like fireworks to a wedding. Which is why it becomes a tradition to hold up the eccentricity and carry it forward to the wedding anniversaries of the dear friend as well!

Keeping up with the tradition, we have curated sample wedding anniversary wishes for best friend for you to try wishing with. Whether you plan on simply showering your friend and his/her partner with your love, or you plan on taking things up a notch by being naughty and funny with the wishes; we have got something for every kind of friends.

Present these wedding anniversary wishes for friends with a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a kit of assorted coffee brewing; to make the congratulations more memorable to the couple.

Love Filled Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Best Friend

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‘You are a lucky man, for you have found a queen who is beautiful from the heart. I couldn’t have wished for anyone but her to accept you as her husband. Wish you both a very happy wedding anniversary.’

‘You have always treated me as your younger brother. Now, my Bhabhi treats me like her younger brother. If this is not the definition of love and friendship, then I don’t know what is. Here is wishing you both a life filled with happiness and love. Happy Wedding Anniversary, you two.’

Show how much the couple means to you with these lovely wedding anniversary wishes for best friend. The bond that you and your friend and now his/her partner share will be a great way to let your friend know that you approve of the partner and are very happy for them.

Naughty Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Best Friend

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‘Guess now you won’t have to go watch Friday night dud-movies to pretentiously kill-time. Now you have a room to yourself for all the action that marriage demands. Happy Action-Packed Wedding Anniversary To You Both!’

‘May this new year of your marriage means more raunchy scenes, more curves revealed, more time spent behind bolted doors and more clandestine moments than the last year. Wish You Two A Very Happy Wedding Anniversary.’

Get a little naughty, pull a leg or two and make your couple friends shy away blushing with these naughty wedding anniversary wishes for friends. Make sure you put a red caution for them while you extend these wishes as handwritten greetings!

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Best Friend

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‘A day of loving, a week of arguing, a month being at war and a year of marriage. Happy Wedding Anniversary, you two!’ ‘If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? Jokes apart here's wishing you a slipping Happy Wedding Anniversary!'

‘I cannot stand all the public display of affection that you showcase on our meetups. I mean, this is why no-PDA rule kind of sticks around in India. But honestly speaking, I admire the mushiness that you two share. Keep holding on the to the title of being Mr & Mrs PDA forever. Happy Wedding Anniversary, weirdos!’

Continuing with the trend of being funny, as you were at their wedding, give your couple friend a moment of laughter by greeting them with these funny wedding anniversary wishes for friends.

Nostalgic Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Best Friend

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‘All those late-night calls, when you used to dial me up and crib about not having found your Prince Charming as yet have all finally paid off. You two make a lovely pair. Today, on the of your wedding anniversary, all I wish to say is that I love you both a lot!'

‘Having even struggled to get the number of a girl back in the days, you have come a long way, my man! But today, seeing you having found the prettiest girl in the world, I feel proud and happy for you. Happy Wedding Anniversary to the ones made for each other.’

Nothing touches the heart more than boarding the nostalgic train to remember the beautiful days gone by. In this case, you can recollect memories of your bachelorhood, when finding the right life partner seemed like the ultimate challenge of life for you and your friend.

Emotional Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Best Friend

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‘Your relationship is what #CoupleGoals are made of. I feel so lucky to have witnessed your marriage and now being part of your anniversary celebrations. God bless you both with immense happiness and love. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you both.’

‘When I look at you two, I wish that I have a love story like yours. The beautiful bond that you two share, it’s inspiring and is what gives hope to singles that love is for real. Wish nothing but the best for both of my dear friends. Happy Wedding Anniversary!’

Friends share everything with each other. So how about, you get a little emotional and share how you feel about the couple and their marriage? Never a dull moment when the couple gets appreciated for their coupling excellence! 

Don’t forget to put a disclaimer of not reading some of these naughty messages out loud, else the anniversary celebrations might end up becoming risqué! But above everything else, these wedding anniversary wishes for best friend will guarantee that your bond with the couple continues being informal and candid, as always. Because it’s all about giving happiness and your love to the couple that truly matters, whether it's through formal congratulations or the informal version of it.

Do share how the couple reacted when you extended these wedding anniversary wishes for best friend with them. Comment below.