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Shubh Muhurat Dates as per Tamil Wedding Calendar 2022

Getting engaged this year and planning for your D-day in 2022? Then scroll down to know about Shubh Mahurat Dates as per Tamil Wedding Calendar 2022.

Tamil Wedding

Tamil Wedding

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We pay gratitude to the  government initiatives and health workers who have already helped us to get through the spike in the number of positive cases due to the pandemic in India. It is a respite to see the subsiding instances of the number of Covid patients here. Further, we can see that the Wedding Industry has almost returned to normalcy. Though everything is getting back to square one but the Future of Weddings have a different perspective altogether now. However, we cannot rely on the prevalent statistics as still there is an increase in the number of cases globally. Rest, we can hope that the year 2022  ushers in good vibes, health for everyone in India as well as globally. There is already a fresh ray of hope and happiness with the prevalent wave of vaccination and immunity boosters. So keeping these positive vibes - let’s see what is the Shubh Muhurat Dates as per the Tamil Wedding Calendar 2022.

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Shubha Mahurtham Dates for January 2022

Couples getting married as per the tamil wedding traditions

With the new year, we have new hopes and we look forward to the new beginnings too. So here are some important auspicious dates as per Tamil Calendar 2022. You can plan your wedding ceremonies accordingly. You can plan your wedding ceremonies accordingly. There is no saya on the first 10 days - the rest of the month is having many Saya dates.  

  • 14th January 2022       Friday
  • 20th January 2022       Thursday 
  • 27th January 2022       Thursday
  • 28th January 2022        Friday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for February 2022

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February 2022 is certainly the month of love, togetherness, and weddings. Let’s see which dates in February 2022 are considered auspicious for your wedding and pre-wedding activities and ceremonies. So all you have to do is book the venue in advance as per these dates. It is evident that  many duos must have done advance booking for this month of love.

  • 6 February 2022                    Sunday
  • 11th February 2022               Friday
  • 18th February 2022               Friday
  • 21st February 2022               Monday
  • 25th February 2022               Friday
  • 25th February 2022               Friday
  • 27th February 2022               Sunday

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Shubha Mahurtham Dates for March 2022

Couple getting married as per Tamil Wedding Calendar 2022

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After the month of love, wedding and togetherness, March has lesser good muhurtham days comparatively. Check these dates and plan your wedding date as per these mentioned auspicious dates-

  • 4th March 2022             Friday
  • 9th March 2022           Wednesday
  • 10th March 2022           Thursday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for April 2022

Couple in South Indian Wedding Attire

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April is again the month of happiness as we have many auspicious saya dates. It is the best time as there is less wrath of sun and rain and thereby getting married in this is an easy sail. So here are some auspicious days in the month of April. Check these -

  • 14th April 2022              Thursday
  • 15th April 2022              Friday
  • 17th April 2022             Sunday
  • 18th April 2022             Monday
  • 21st April 2022             Thursday
  • 22nd April 2022            Sunday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for May 2022

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Now this is the month of sweltering heat so prepare yourself accordingly. Plan and shop for your wedding as per the temperature. For instance -shop for some thin silks and open fronted footwear! Here are the Shubh Mahurtham dates for  May 2022. Find here - 

  • 11th May 2022              Wednesday
  • 12th May 2022              Thursday
  • 13th May 2022              Friday
  • 18th May 2022             Wednesday
  • 20th May 2022             Friday
  • 25th May 2022             Wednesday
  • 26th May 2022             Thursday
  • 27th May 2022             Friday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for June 2022

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You can best days of your life in summer of June 2022 too. Yes, this month is brimming with so many auspicious dates. Check these dates here. 

  • 1st June 2022               Wednesday
  • 6th June 2022               Monday
  • 10th June 2022              Friday
  • 12th June 2022             Sunday
  • 13th June 2022             Monday
  • 15th June 2022             Wednesday
  • 16th June 2022             Thursday
  • 22nd June 2022             Wednesday
  • 23rd June 2022             Thursday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for July 2022

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July is again brimming with so many wedding dates. So plan your ceremonies much in advance and book in July so that you can do enough preparation for time for the next months. 

  • 3rd July  2022               Sunday
  • 4th July  2022               Monday
  • 6th July 2022                Wednesday
  • 8th July 2022                Friday
  • 10th July 2022              Sunday
  • 11th July 2022              Monday
  • 13th July 2022              Thursday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for November 2022

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After a long break - get ready for wedding Saya dates again, yes these are the saya dates just after July. However, there are only three auspicious dates in this month. Book in advance so that your dream destination hotel doesn't get booked before. You can check our app to book photographer, venue, make-up artist and mehndi artist too. 

  • 20th November 2022       Sunday
  • 25th November 2022       Friday
  • 27th November 2022        Sunday

Shubha Mahurtham Dates for December 2022

Bride performing south indian rituals

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To wrap up the year on a good note - Universe has brought forth these three auspicious saya dates as per the Tamil Wedding Calendar. Take a look and start your wedding preparation now! Pick and choose everything merrily as you enough time to plan the event.  

  • 2nd December 2022       Friday 
  • 4th December 2022       Sunday
  • 9th  December 2022       Friday

With the uncertainty due to Covid-19, we can see so many unexpected changes. Thereby, we are here to do your #ShaadikiTaiyari with our expert advice. We will help you on how to tackle the uncertain in the best ways possible.