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These Trending Mehndi Decoration Ideas Will Definitely Make Your Mehndi an Event to Remember

The Henna pot’s a stirring, your pastel outfits and sunglasses are prepped and you so ready for your Mehndi. One of the most beautiful events, it’s a sure shot way of getting brilliant pictures too! What do you need? The right mehndi decoration.

Devika Sakhuja

It’s finally time to adorn your hands and feet with some lovely henna. Mehndi is undoubtedly the most beautiful function out of all. It’s lively, colourful and so much fun. With changing times Mehndi has now become a morning function and thank god it has. Why? Because of the pictures, of course! Daylight is literally the only filter you need for perfect pictures. However, what you need for it to be a successful event, in addition to killer mehndi designs - is the right kind of Mehndi decoration. Here are some ideas to help your Mehndi be the talk of the town.

1. Sunshine Yellow

Abhinav Bhagat

What better way to make the event lively than to go for the happiest colour of the wheel. Yellow just makes everything better, especially if you decide to incorporate it into your Mehndi decoration. With the perfect daytime colour, this decor really complements the event. They yellows mixed in with the henna green does complete justice to the theme of the event.

2. Dream Catchers

Abhinav Bhagat

While hanging umbrellas were all the rage last season, dreamcatchers are sure to take their place this time around. Really though, who would’ve thought of dreamcatchers being used as a part of Mehndi decoration! That too, woven in such beautiful bright colours. The attention to detail is so impressive, especially the yellow flower strings on which the dreamcatchers are hanging. The whole theme incorporating yellows, greens, pinks and purples do the wonders to the setup. We can’t even begin to imagine how beautiful the pictures would turn out.

3. Genda Phool

Abhinav Bhagat

These beautiful orange/yellow marigolds are something you are likely to witness as a part of a lot of Mehndi functions. The reason being the flower goes perfectly with the event and adds that pop of colour to your Mehndi decoration. We love this marigold string complete with smaller mogra ones hanging from the tree. If you decide to plan an all yellow affair then something like this will really add to the look. What you can also do is, make jewellery out of these flowers, to complement the whole theme.

4. A Bright Sight

Abhinav Bhagat

A rather quirky setup, this Mehndi decoration ensemble incorporates all the bright colours. From the sofas to the canopy to the cushions even, everything matches the theme. Again, it comes down to the intricate attention to detail, that really brightens up the Mehndi. The colourful chests for tables, a truck for the bar and matching pinwheels in coloured bottles make it look like a carnival. And we definitely want to be a part of this carnival.

5. The Decorated Swing

Abhinav Bhagat

Being the stars of the show, it’s important that where you sit for the rituals looks as pretty as the rest of the setup. It is one of the central elements of your Mehndi decoration, so it’s only right that it is of the most noticeable things. The excessive floral detail on this deep pink coloured swing makes for such beautiful seating to compliment the beautiful pair. The Genda Phool hangings with longer mogra strings, add a much-needed contrast to the setup. It’s lovely how the whole thing has come together.

6. Ends Of A Spectrum

Elements Decor

This entryway looks divine. It's only rarely that you see such different tones of colour come together and look so lovely! The deep royal wine shade looks really fun with the addition of the bright happy yellow. If that’s how lovely the entryway looks, the Mehndi decoration of the rest of the space is bound to look pretty too. The Mehndi function is sure to look like a really classy event that’s also bright and peppy.

7. Classy White

Devika Sakhuja

We love this little spin on the umbrella decor fever. The whole theme is rather vintage and super classy. Complete with lovely mogra and rose to hang and pair up with vintage French chairs, the whole decor looks magical. Moreover, there’s nothing white does not go with, so you really do not have to worry about the outfit you pick either!

Once you have the Mehndi decoration sorted, you have nothing to worry about. So get your pastel/bright coloured clothes stitched, quirky jewellery stocked and find the perfect pair of shades. Lastly, have a blast at your colourful fiasco called the Mehndi because there are hardly any rituals that you have to worry about except getting the mehndi done. If you cannot sit around while everybody has a great time, then have your mehndi done the night before! Yeah, thank us later.

Share the experience of your Mehndi function with us in the comments below.