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50+ Latest Mangalsutra Designs For The Brides Of Today

A timeless piece of jewellery that is a must-have in every bridal trousseau, the latest pattern of gold mangalsutra can be designed in various ways to suit your personal style.  

mangalsutra design

While the bridal trousseau comprises different jewellery options that the bride collections, one piece of jewellery that stays with her for the rest of her life and, if often a daily companion, is her mangalsutra. If there’s one piece of jewellery that defines the Indian bride, it’s the Mangalsutra. The term Mangalsutra literally translates to an auspicious thread and serves as a symbol for the next journey in a girl’s life. It is said to originate from South India, where the groom betrothed his wife with a yellow thread. Said to ward off the evil eye, the traditional design for mangalsutra was often black beaded thread with a gold pendant. The new mangalsutra design often experiments with different styles while retaining its quintessential traditional charm. 

Today, this traditional jewellery is styled in many different ways to suit the modern-day bride. It is no longer just a statement piece of jewellery but also comes with contemporary designs suitable for everyday use.

In this article:

1. Mangalsutra Design Gold

2. Modern Mangalsutra Designs

3. Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

4. Short Mangalsutra Designs

5. Ring & Bracelet Mangalsutra

We take a look at some of the latest patterns of different Mangalsutra designs to inspire you to find the perfect piece for your bridal trousseau. Read on to bookmark your favourite design.

Mangalsutra Design Gold

Daksha Gold Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

If you are looking for a cutesy and dainty mangalsutra design to add to your bridal trousseau, we have the perfect pick for you. Take a cue from this gorgeous gold mangalsutra design from Caratlane with a heavy gold sphere made in 22-carat gold. 

Price starts from INR 39,287

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Traditional Gold Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: Jaiguru Jewellers

If you are a bride who loves everything traditional to add to her collection, how about this gorgeous gold mangalsutra design with a stunning pendant? While the design resembles the traditional jewellery of Uttrakhand, the mangalsutra design from Jaiguru Jewellers is handcrafted in 22-carat gold. 

Price starts from INR 1,45,000

Pink Enamel Vati Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

While you are busy picking out the best jewellery design for red lehengas, don't forget to bookmark the trending mangalsutra designs that will grab everyone's attention. If you want a stunning mangalsutra design that has a lot of thought behind its creation, take a cue from this beautiful one. With an auspicious betel leaf at the centre symbolising the love showered upon the bride and the groom and the union of two cups or vatis representing the union of two families, this mangalsutra design from Tanishq immortalises the beauty of your marriage. At the back of the ‘vatis’, the seven vows of marriage are inscribed for you to hold onto and cherish forever.

Price starts from INR 1,05,218

Long Gold Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

Add to your gold jewellery set design collection these stunning mangalsutra designs from Malabar Gold and Diamonds that will definitely be the talk of your wedding celebrations. As a symbol of commitment to her new life, every bride wears her new identity around her neck with pride. while being her rite of passage from a ‘girl’ to a married woman, what you choose as your mangalsutra design should always be as per your preference. 

Price: On request

Prita Gold Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

Who said that gold mangalsutra designs are always heavy and bold? You can also opt for a delicate gold mangalsutra design from Caratlane that is perfect for all millennial brides. The dainty gold chain encrusted with black beads and a small pendant in between is a versatile design that will look amazing with every outfit. 

Price starts from INR 72,471

Sindoor Dani Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

Want your mangalsutra design to be an eternal symbol of your love and the bond you share with your partner? We have just the right pick for you. From the dor collection of Tanishq, and inspired by a Sindoor Dani, a container which stores the vibrant vermillion or Sindoor, this mangalsutra design has the three vows of friendship, family, and prosperity etched on the back, while the remaining four vows are held in the roundels on the thread.

Price starts from INR 89,378

Mangalsutra Design With Floral Beads

Gold Mangalsutra Design

The Mangalsutra is a reflection of the rich Indian culture and signifies a girl’s passage to womanhood. Since it is a staple piece of jewellery for many brides, the Mangalsutra needs to be a reflection of your personality and aesthetic. This mangalsutra design features a collection of black-beaded threads that are held together on either side with a golden bead. They are connected at the centre with a gold mangalsutra pendant made up of two circles embellished with an intricate floral pattern. This latest pattern of gold Mangalsutra is perfect for traditional brides.

Price starts from INR 1,37,657

Peacock Motif Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

Not all brides love minimalism, so this mangalsutra design is for all the OTT brides out there. Like the previous design, this Mangalsutra also incorporates a collection of beads held together by a gold link. However, this extravagance in this design lies in the pendant that starts almost midway from the chain. Numerous beads of different shapes connect the black beads to the pendant. Two peacocks make up the body of the motif and are accented with small gold leaves and rubies. This latest pattern of gold mangalsutra is ideal if you want to make a statement with your necklace.

Price starts from INR 2,68,258

Square Patterned Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

The beauty of the mangalsutra design lies in the pendant, which is the focal point of this piece of jewellery. It has the ability to define the tone of the Mangalsutra, which can either exude opulence or have a plain and simple design. For the fashion-forward bride, this mangalsutra design has a square-shaped pendant that is bordered with intricate floral carvings. The centre features a paisley motif that is embellished with pink and black stones to give it that wow factor. A row of gold beads lines the base of this latest pattern of Gold Mangalsutra.

Price starts from INR 3,33,227

Opulent Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

The mangalsutra is a timeless piece of jewellery that adds beauty and elegance to any bridal look. As brides have gotten more creative with the latest pattern of gold Mangalsutra designs, they also double as statement jewellery for any outfit. This mangalsutra design incorporates some traditional design elements and unique shapes. The centre of the chain has a white flower stone dotted with ruby and linked together with classic beaded threads. This pattern is laced with traditional carvings and lined with pearls, and enhanced with a ruby flower and a Jhumki. It is ideal for brides who wish to make a statement while staying true to their roots.

Price starts from INR 3,24,298

Gold Beads Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

Unlike the archetypical mangalsutra design that features a traditional pendant attached to black beaded threads, you can also add your own designs to pair the chain with modern outfits as well. That’s exactly what this mangalsutra does with its gold beads. The traditional threads are held together by beads that follow the pattern of the chain. Each bead comes with a different style to add some depth to this contemporary mangalsutra design. The latest pattern of gold Mangalsutra designs like this one take a modern spin on the traditional style by giving it an aesthetic of its own.

Price starts from INR 1,25,166

Circular Mangalsutra Design

Gold Mangalsutra Design

In addition to traditional jewellery, your bridal trousseau should also include pieces that can be worn long after the wedding festivities are complete. When it comes to the Mangalsutra, opt for a pattern that bodes well with dresses and Salwars.

Price starts from 90,290

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Modern Mangalsutra Design

Black Onyx & Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: BVLGARI

Perfect for the uber-chic millennial brides who want to keep up with the trend but also balance their traditional roots, take inspiration from this ultra-modern mangalsutra design by the luxury brand BVLGARI. From their Roman roots blossoms a distinctive fusion of culture and modernity, their version of a mangalsutra design is a necklace that is a contemporary statement of elegance.

Price starts from INR 4,29,321

Gerbera Modern Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Are you looking for a dainty mangalsutra design that will definitely turn into your statement necklace design, we have a beautiful pick for you. The beautiful mangalsutra design from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers has a pendant reminiscent of the petals of Gerbera flowers that you will absolutely love around your neck. 

Price starts from INR 37,289

Heart Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Want a versatile mangalsutra design that will instantly elevate any of your bridal outfits? Take a cue from this delicate diamond mangalsutra by Sampat Jewellers. A total grand total of 24 diamond charms on a sturdy mangalsutra chain gives this piece the WOW factor. Each charm has a single real diamond in a heart-shaped gold motif.

Price starts from INR 2,45,369

Drop Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

If you are looking for a modern and minimalistic mangalsutra design, we have the perfect pick for you from Malabar Gold & Diamonds. Reflective of their heritage and testimony to their commitment to marriage, a Managalsutra design always holds a special place in our hearts. This beautiful mangalsutra has the perfect, minimal designs that will complement your style.

Price: On request

Infinity Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you want to customise your mangalsutra design from the celebrities' pick, how about the beautiful pattern worn by Alia Bhatt? Her dainty mangalsutra design is reflective of her personality and features not only an eight, which is Ranbir's lucky number but also infinity. 

Price: On request

Modern Emerald Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: DB Aasediya Jewellers

if you are looking for a mangalsutra design that is modern yet has traditional undertones, this gorgeous pattern has to be it. The chain is filled with black pearls and an elaborate pendant with diamonds and a big emerald. 

Price: On request

Precious Antique Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

This piece from the dōr collection of Tanishq is inspired by the sacred ‘Agni kund’ that purifies and cleanses the path for your new beginning. Keeping the holy ‘Agni’ as the witness, the bride and groom solemnise their marriage. Let the beauty of your love never fade as you carry forward this piece of tradition with your grace. Richly carved floral pendant with a dash of enamel in this mangalsutra gives a luxurious feel.

Price starts from INR 49,593

Saath Phere Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

A real diamond mangalsutra design pendant for all the millennial brides has to be from the Sampat Jewellers. Culturally inspired by Indian wedding traditions, Saath Phere, meaning “seven rounds” around the holy fire, is an ultramodern mangalsutra.

Price starts from INR 253,548

Celebrity-inspired Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official

Being a Sabyasachi bride, Katrina Kaif turned to the designer for her mangalsutra design as well. Her suave statement mangalsutra features large uncut diamonds and pave ring that invokes traditional design yet steps out as a modern mangalsutra design. 

Price starts from INR 8,00,000

Mangalsutra Design With Precious Stones

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: Shivak Jewelers

If you are looking for a trendy mangalsutra design with a play of semi-precious stones, then take a look at this gorgeous pattern by Shivak Jewellers. It will instantly add elegance to any of your traditional outfits. 

Price: On request

Siddhi Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Want a simple yet elegant mangalsutra design that will surely become a partner in your everyday style? Take a cue from this stunning Siddhi Diamond Mangalsutra from Caratlane. It will surely become a neckpiece you cannot do without.

Price starts from INR 1,01,065

Dangling Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Image Courtesy: GIVA

The gorgeous silver diamond dangling mangalsutra design from GIVA is inspired by the beautiful toran designs that are hung a the front door to bring in good luck. 

Price starts from INR 23,999

Ruby Mangalsutra Design

Modern Mangalsutra Design

Going back to our trend on gold and diamond Mangalsutra pairing, you can also opt for a bold pendant pattern encrusted with diamonds in favour of simple diamond jewellery. This Mangalsutra takes to this trend with a leaf-shaped pattern that is bordered by diamonds and rubies at its centre.

No Mangalsutra is complete without black beads, and this chain features three rows of beaded threads that hang from the pendant. These threads are also lined with diamonds to keep with the theme of the latest pattern of gold Mangalsutra.

Price: On request

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Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Teardrop Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

The seven stunning diamond petals arranged in a contemporary design stand for the seven vows you take in marriage. This modern mangalsutra extends itself as the perfect symbol of both your adoration and your stunning grace. The Gathbandhan is symbolic of the nuptial knot that binds you to your beloved. Celebrate the start of this soulful union with this exquisite piece from the dōr collection of Tanishq, our exclusive Mangalsutra design collection.

Price: On request

Jivika Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

If you want a trendy yet an elegant diamond mangalsutra design that will instantly amp up any and all of your traditional outfits, the Jivika Diamond Mangalsutra from Candere by Kalyan Jewellers has to be your perfect pick. 

Price starts from INR 35,765

Simple Studded Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

This solitaire diamond mangalsutra design from Sampat Jewellers was designed keeping in mind the needs of the modern woman. This creative piece incorporates fancy marquise and princess-cut diamonds to give a solitaire-like look. Ideal for everyday wear, including at work, weddings, and other special occasions. This millennial mangalsutra design is handmade with love using 18K solid gold and one of the finest quality diamonds. The diamonds are full-cut, meaning they have 56-57 facets for everlasting sparkle. The mangalsutra chain is made of 18K gold with sturdy black beads to maintain its cultural significance.

Price starts from INR 3,10,801

Infinity Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

For brides who love everything minimalistic and want the same for their mangalsutra design., this stunning minimal design from Caratlane will be the perfect pick. The gorgeous design with infinity is studded with diamonds and made in pure gold. Symbolize your infinite love for your partner with that cute mangalsutra design. 

Price starts from INR 29,848

The Crown Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: Bluestone

This gorgeous crown mangalsutra design from Bluestone will be the perfect pick for your traditional attires. Add glory and grace to your big day by choosing this stunning mangalsutra design.

Price starts from INR 2,62,856

Mangalsutra Design With Delicate Patterns

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

A match made in heaven, these gold and diamond Managalsutras are the symbol of everlasting love and friendship. Delicate designs that offer a sense of elegance and romance. Sparkle every day by choosing these beautiful mangalsutra designs.

Price: On request

Mangalsutra Design With Delicate Patterns

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

This mangalsutra design from Sampat Jewellers has been dedicated to Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-living monarch of our times. This premium designer piece is made with rare and highly sought-after fancy-cut marquise, pear-shaped, and brilliant round diamonds. A unique mangaslutra chain made with classic black beads, museum-quality diamonds, and 18K pure gold.

Price starts from INR 2,69,906

Radiant Droplets Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

This exquisite diamond piece from Tanishq revels in this very journey full of love, compassion and joy. This gorgeous piece with inlaid diamonds arranged in an alluring placement of seven rounds from dōr’s collection of exclusive mangalsutra designs has a very contemporary feel. Symbolic of the nuptial knot that represents the sacramental bond between the bride and the groom, this mangalsutra design will eternalise your love as you start a new phase in your life.

Price: On request

Diamond Cluster Mangalsutra Design

Diamond Mangalsutra Designs

One of the most classic combinations of the latest pattern of gold Mangalsutra designs is gold and diamonds. This Mangalsutra uses diamonds to create a sleek Mangalsutra that’s suitable for the contemporary bride. Held together by a slim gold chain and three beads on either side, the Mangalsutra is made up of small diamonds in varying shapes.

They are placed together to form an abstract pattern giving this classic piece of jewellery a modern twist. The lightweight and simple design make this Mangalsutra suitable for everyday wear.

Price starts from INR 2,03,822

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Short Mangalsutra Designs

Contemporary Beaded Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

The seven vows of marriage include friendship, love, support, and to grow in strength through the ever-changing journey of life. When you make such meaningful promises, you deserve a token that expresses your dedication. With the seven vows of marriage etched on it, this mangalsutra design by Tanishq is a symbol of deep affection that captures the beauty of your eternal union in style. In this exquisite mangalsutra, the seven holy vows of marriage are etched onto the beads as a lovely reminder of the beautiful bliss you crafted for yourself that you can keep close to where it belongs - your heart.

Price starts from INR 80,885

Dainty Floral Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: AB Design Jewellery

If you are looking for understated elegance for your mangalsutra design, we have a beautiful pattern just for you by AB Design Jewellery. Made in pure gold, the delicate floral design is studded with diamonds and will be a perfect short mangalsutra design.

Price: On request

Ai Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

The design inspiration comes from the Japanese design elements of simplicity and elegance. Ai mangalsutra design from Sampat Jewellers is a real diamond mangalsutra that can be styled with western and traditional outfits. Diamonds are arranged in an origami-style composition to give it a simple and elegant look.

Price starts from INR 1,95,887

Celebrity Sphere Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: Disha Parmar

If you want to choose a celebrity-inspired short mangalsutra design that you can style every day, take inspiration from Disha Parmar's gorgeous mangalsutra design. With the short length of the chain, the mangalsutra design is beautifully encrusted with shimmering diamonds. 

Price: On request

Circular Diamond Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: Palmonas

A modern mangalsutra design crafted in 18k gold plated chain with black beads arranged in a beautiful pattern and delicate zirconia studded flower pendant. A combination of traditional and minimal mangalsutra for modern women will be a gorgeous pick for your short mangalsutra design.

Price starts from INR 6,500

Celebrity Solitaire Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official

Deepika Padukone embraced minimal elegance by choosing a gorgeous small mangalsutra design with a diamond centrepiece. Her mangalsutra, designed by Sabyasachi, is a single string of black and gold beads, with the pendant being a large solitaire diamond.

Price starts from INR 20,00,000

Rose Gold Floral Love Bond Mangalsutra Design

Short Mangalsutra Designs

Image Courtesy: GIVA

The rose gold floral love bond mangalsutra design by GIVA is inspired by the strength of blooming floral tendrils that are reminiscent of stronger bonds of relationships.

Image Courtesy: 6,599

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Ring & Bracelet Mangalsutra

Agni Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Choose a contemporary way to flaunt your mangalsutra design with ease and elegance. Adorn your wrists with a dainty and striking Aagni diamond mangalsutra bracelet from Kalyan Jewellers. The fine-looking line of black beads and the central pattern of mesmerising diamonds are sure to make all heads turn.

Price starts from INR 32,388

Evil Eye Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra Bracelet

The right gift to celebrate your victory after all that hard work and dedication. No way we are letting you go to a meeting without good vibes! And this mangalsutra bracelet from Caratlane does just the trick.

Price starts from INR 37,173

Infinity Diamond Mangalsutra Bracelet Design

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Image Courtesy: PC Jewellers

Give your never-ending love a new definition with this gorgeous mangalsutra bracelet design by PC Jewellers. The dangling bracelet is diamond studded and comes with an infinity design that symbolises your eternal love. 

Price starts from INR 35,168

Radiant Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Radiant diamond mangalsutra bracelet from Sampat Jewellers is bold and beautiful. Made with brilliant round diamonds and a four-stranded 18K mangalsutra chain, this mangalsutra bracelet sparkles with positivity.

Price starts from INR 2,37,190

Diamond Studded Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Create a style statement with your shimmering mangalsutra bracelet designs from the latest collection of Candere by Kalyan Jewellers. 

Rose Gold Radiant Mangalsutra Bracelet

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Image Courtesy: GIVA

The rose gold zircon radiant mangalsutra bracelet is inspired by the way we glow from within when our beloved is around us. The rose gold mangalsutra bracelet has three rectangular-shaped charms with zircons studded in them. There are two beaded chains in the bracelet. 925 silver with rose gold plating 

Price starts from INR 3,799

The Holika Mangalsutra Bracelet 

Mangalsutra Bracelet

Image Courtesy: Bluestone

The Holika mangalsutra bracelet from Bluestone will be your perfect style partner to amp up your traditional as well as modern outfits. 

Price starts from INR 19,979

Rita Mangalsutra Diamond Band

Mangalsutra ring

Take a step to make your mangalsutra design stand out. Gone are the days of traditional mangalsutra designs or even bracelets. How about a mangalsutra design ring? This modern mangalsutra ring from Caratlane is perfect for the brides when you feel like being unique.

Price starts from INR 41,305

Polestar Mangalsutra Ring 

Mangalsutra ring

Polestar diamond mangalsutra ring is eye-catchy and elegant. Designed for daily wear, you can enjoy this ring at home or at work. Made of classic mangalsutra black beads and brilliant round diamonds, this ring from Sampat Jewellers is pleasure to wear and experience.

Price starts from INR 1,75,848

Saavni Mangalsutra Top Open Mangalsutra Ring 

Mangalsutra ring

Image Courtesy: Bluestone

Make your choice of mangalsutra design stand out with this stunning Saavni mangalsutra top open ring from Bluestone.  Pick the right ring size and design for your festivities and make lasting style statements. 

Price starts from INR 17,609

Mangalsutra design

Image Courtesy: Wedding Photography & Cinematic Films

Take some inspiration from this latest pattern of gold Mangalsutra that has a circle pendant patterned with oxidized gold on one side and curvy lines on the other. It is enhanced with small white stones that line the circumference and a ruby stone at the base.

The Mangalsutra is a timeless piece of jewellery that can add beauty and charm to your bridal attire. You can get creative with the design of the pendant to suit your personality and style. This can either serve as a statement piece that you wear on certain occasions or for everyday wear. Either way, the Mangalsutra is a must-have in your bridal trousseau. We hope these latest patterns of gold Mangalsutra designs help you find the perfect piece.

Inspired by these goegeous Mangalsutra designs? Let us know your favourite style in the comments below!

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