Knotting Bells

Kerala bridal hairstyles are as distinct as the wedding aesthetic. Traditionally the bride’s hair is woven into a tight braid along with a garland of white flowers. Paired with an exquisite silk saree, the bridal ensemble creates a very traditional, elegant look. However, many modern brides across India want to inject their personalities into their bridal attire. Why not? After all, if this day is about you and your fiancé, then it should reflect the two of you! If you are looking to upgrade popular Kerala bridal hairstyles to be more ‘you’, consider the following ways to do so!

1. Replace traditional white flowers with your favourite ones!

Knotting Bells

An easy way to give Kerala bridal hairstyles a modern twist is to simply switch wedding garlands. Instead of using traditional white flowers, use your favourite ones. The flowers you choose will not only reflect your own sense of style and preferences but will also act as a great accent piece in your ensemble. So, remember to pick the colour wisely! Create a garland out of the flowers and wrap it around your braid. If you want a more modern hairstyle, create a tight bun.

2. What face shape will match this hairstyle the most?

Angular face shapes, such as heart-shaped faces, oblong faces, and diamond-shaped faces will look stunning with this hairstyle.

Beauty tip: When your hair is pulled back, all the attention goes to your facial features (naturally). Thus, you must create balance with your makeup for the best impact.

3. Replace regular braids with fishtail braids!

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Brides who love modern hairstyles can implement them easily in their bridal hairdo, while still creating the overall look of the traditional hairstyle. You can do this by replacing a regular braid with a fishtail braid, and adding flowers to accentuate its unique shape. You will need some patience if you are making this braid on your own. This is because it takes longer to make, and you have to keep track of all the little pieces of hair you’ve sectioned off. But, the effort is totally worth it.

4. What face shape will match this hairstyle the most?

Braids are quite versatile and can suit almost all face shapes. Remember to drape the plait over one shoulder for a super cute look.

Beauty tip: If you love the colour in your hair, streak alternate strips so that they create a stunning visual effect when braided!

5. Create an elegant French knot and cover it with flowers!

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A great way to upgrade traditional Mallu hairstyles is to turn the braid into a tight bun. You can make a plain or braided bun, as per your preference. But wait, this is not the part that’s going to set the hairstyle apart from everyone else! Wrapping the entire bun with flowers is what will make it different. This is because traditionally, if brides do choose to create a bun, the garland is wrapped around the base, creating a floral rubber-band look.

6. What face shape will match this hairstyle the most?

Strong jawlines and high cheekbones can really pop with this look! Be sure to leave a tendril or two out to soften the angles, though!

Beauty tip: Match your base and accent eyeshadows with the flowers and blend, blend, blend!

7. Leave your hair open!


Straight, open hair can look really good. Many people do not normally pick this hairstyle for their weddings as it is not formal enough. However, modern brides today are redefining bridal looks and don’t care about old schools of thought! If you love your flowing locks and think this style suits you the most, then go with it!

8. What face shape will match this hairstyle the most?

Open hair tends to suit everyone, though that depends on the haircut! If you have angular features, consider wavy or curly hair to soften them. Diamond shaped faces can look lovely with straight hair while heart-shaped faces look charming with short hair (think Cameron Diaz!).

Beauty tip: Add hair accessories like a Maang Tikka to add some colour to your open hair.

9. Try a Centre parted loose braid for a more casual vibe!


If you want your hairstyle to be as close to the traditional look as possible, you can try a centre-parted loose braid to give it a slightly casual tone. Loose braids can create volume at the top and sides of your head. This can help you frame your face lightly and bring more attention to it.

10. What face shape will match this hairstyle the most?

Oval shaped faces will look great with looser braids. Round faces will also look their best with this hairstyle.

Beauty tip: Wear heavy gold earrings with this look. The loose hair will make the intricate patterns and weight of the earrings pop visually.

Kerala bridal hairstyles are quite iconic. However, every iconic look needs an upgrade now and then to look fresh. Try any of these styles on your wedding day to look amazing.

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