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Your big day is around the corner, all the details have been finalised to the last touch of perfection, but what will your hairstyle be like? And will it complement the outfit you have chosen to adorn for the celebration? We all know that these days the saloons are charging a bomb for a simple hairdo which you can easily crack at home. We have curated some simple and elegant hairstyle for wedding function that will inspire you to DIY at home and still look absolutely stunning. It’s time to call in your ‘team bride’ and start taking notes!

1. Phoola Jada Braid

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Nothing can beat the simplicity and elegance of a south Indian bride. The six-yard beauty draped around in its bright hues is absolutely alluring. Even the hairstyle for the wedding function done by the bride is very feminine and classic. A long plait accessorised with fresh flowers or bridal jewellery, this hairdo is a blessing for brides with really long hair. The accessory commonly used is known as Phoola Jada and comes in variant designs. Choose the one that matches your outfit.

2. Wow and Volume

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For brides with medium length hair, this hairstyle for wedding function is the safest to go for.

This look will give you tons of volume and, depending on your hair texture, you can also add in some loose waves. It’s a complete DIY hairdo with no fuss and not many hairpins. To add a little sparkle, wear a nice Maang Tikka, Jhumar or a jasmine flower Gajra. Take some inspiration from this floral jewellery to add glitz to your hairstyle.

3. Classic doughnut bun


Nothing can go wrong with a classic top-notch bun. With simple accessories like bun doughnut and pins, this hairstyle for the wedding function can be nailed flawlessly. A little backcombing will add more volume or wrapping a braid around your bun takes it to the next level and gives it a chic polish. To keep the look casual, add more twists and flicks. Just remember to add lots of pins to keep the bun where it’s supposed to be.

4. Bling Band

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Accessorising is the quintessential need for any bride. Necklace, earrings, anklets, armlets- so why leave the hair. When accessorising the hair with an elaborate piece of Maang tikka, just be sure to go light on the hairdo. A low bun is a fine option to go for as open hair gets entangled or becomes messy with a heavy accessory.

5. Touch of Tradition

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For some wedding rituals, the bride has to cover-up the head. So, when it comes to a traditional Indian wedding, go in for a simple and sleek bun. A well-made bun is perfect to be worn under a Ghungat because it will keep your hair neatly in place. Add little magic with hair accessories like Maang Tikka and fresh/faux flowers.

6. Casual and Effortless Beauty

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Let’s keep all the eyes and focus on your bridal glow by adorning a minimalistic hairdo. Roughly straighten your hair and leave it loose to go for a cool, casual, and effortless bridal look. Add some curls to the ends for a little bounce and you are good to go. Remember, sometimes “less is more”.

7. Messy Mermaid Braid

Mohit Arora Productions

This braid is a much chicer version of a staple we used to love. With just a few curls and some artificial flowers in pastel colours, this simple braid has been transformed into a thing of beauty. Add a sparkling tiara to this braid and you will look like a real-life princess.

8. Romantic Curls

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Sometimes it’s the simplest hairstyles that look the most graceful, a simple and effortless wave or curls, for instance, is all you need to finish off a princess like a look. This hairstyle for wedding function is to go for just about every hair type, length, and texture. Loose hair finely pinned up or just simply left to flow on either side look picture perfect. This no-fuss hairstyle for wedding function keeps all the eyes on your well-chosen outfit and still keeps it graceful.

To avoid any mess on the day of the biggest event of your life just make sure to practice the hairstyle for wedding function a couple of times beforehand to polish your skills and achieve the perfect look. Always have one of your bridesmaids handy with hairpins and a hairspray to be prepared for any possible disasters. And if you are planning to add real flowers make sure the flowers are fresh, crisp and bought on the day of the event itself. Pre-booking them will be a saviour in the final hour.

Which one of these hairstyles for wedding function did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!