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Is your short hair bothering you? And is it because you are soon going to attend a wedding? Well, don’t worry as there are myriad hairstyles that you can try even when your mane is not long and lustrous! Yes, don’t let your short hair be a dampener to your festive spirit anymore. You can now flaunt stylish hairstyles even with your short hair. Look at some of these cool hairstyles that are listed below!


1. Low Chignon hairstyle for Indian wedding party

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

It doesn’t matter if your hair is short. You can have a low chignon hairstyle wherein you tie a low bun and decorate it up with stylish hair-clips and pins. You need to twist your hair to make into a bun and secure it with pins of designs that you like.

2. Hairstyle for Indian wedding party with voluminous ends

Short hair should not pose as a deterrent for you when you wish to sport a gorgeous hairstyle. Let your hair do all the talking with its voluminous ends. This hairstyle suits such gals who have thin short hair. After shampooing, blow dry your hair, and then spray some volume spray to the ends. That’s it and you are done. This hairstyle is simple to try and anyone can do it without any practice. It’s a cool style that will go with dhoti pants or palazzos or even gowns.

3. Braided hairstyle for Indian wedding party

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Braids suit ladies with short hair. Yes, it’s not a joke at all gals. If you have short hair and you cannot pull your hair back, then the halo braid hairstyle is simply perfect for you. It looks relaxed and requires just a little bit of muss. For girls that love buns, braid with a side bun does the trick. Part your hair in the middle and then make a braid sideways. Dress up the bun with flowers if you like.

4. Pixie hairstyle for Indian wedding party

Do you want to look the one and only when standing in a crowd? Well, go for the ever so stylish pixie hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. If you are soon to attend a wedding reception, don’t hesitate to flaunt this hairstyle as it is a neat cut, and can make you look way younger than others. The best part about a pixie haircut is its trendy look. It suits women of all ages, and look good even when you wear pants, gowns or capes. Just remember to dress up the pixie with stylish embellishments.

5. Bun hairstyle for Indian wedding party

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

Your wish to flaunt a bun even with your short hair is possible these days. Yes, girls, it’s true! A lady with short hair too can sport a bun as glamorously as one with long mane. So long as you can make a pony out of your hair, you can make a bun. Take, for example, if you like the braided look, try the braided bun style which always looks chic. You can get this hairstyle in a blink of an eyelid. Start by making a French braid, then, spray some serum on it. Secure the braid into a bun and dress it up with any hair accessory as you like. The other hairstyle you can try is a messy hair bun sported on the top of your head. You can look both classy and casual at the same time. It’s simple too and can be achieved quite comfortably.

6. Puffed up short hairstyle for Indian wedding party

This hairstyle will suit anyone that loves a little bit of puff and can pull it off with a traditional lehenga or even a dhoti kurta. Shampoo your hair nicely, and then blow dry it. Volumize it with the help of hairspray. Take the front part of your hair and puff it up. Dress the middle with a Maang Tikka.

7. Curly short hairstyle for Indian wedding party

Ritika Kadam Hairstylist

If your hair is short, but, you want to stylize it for a wedding party, then try this curly hairstyle for sure. Begin by curling the ends of your hair and leave them loose. You can puff up the front portion by using hairpins or bands as you like.

8. Side part hairstyle for Indian wedding party

Want a simple hairstyle for a party? If yes, go for a side part hairstyle. It’s a style that looks neat and not messy at all. It is perfect for ladies who like to keep things easy and relaxed.

Short hair does not necessarily mean you have to look like a boy. You can still carry off your dress with oomph with these glam looking short hairstyles. So don't stop at anything because it is your big day and you deserve to look like a gem on the biggest day of your life. 

So which hairstyle is your pick for the next wedding party? Let us know