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Engagement Invitation SMS Templates to Invite Guests in Style

Here we present a compilation of engagement invitation SMS ideas that you can use for a cool way to invite guests for your special function. Use these quirky and fun texts to leave a great first impression.

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Make sure your friends and family get the memo with some modern and fun text messages that you can broadcast to everyone on the guest-list. Invite your guests with engagement invitation SMS texts filled with catchy phrases, relatable puns and hilarious messages that will remind them to save the special date without fail.

Here are some amusing ideas for engagement invitation SMS messages that you can use as your template for a fabulous invite:

Popular Song Lyrics Adaptation:

Pink Whistle Man

Add in all-time favourite lyrics from record-breaking songs into your engagement invitation SMS messages to give it a super fun vibe:

“We didn’t like it! We absolutely loved it! And we’re putting a ring on it! Join us to celebrate our love as we seal the deal on the [Date & time] at the [Venue-Location]. Gather round, ladies and gentlemen, to share a toast to a brand-new beginning at our engagement function.”

“Wise men say only fools rush in! Wiser men know that it’s just meant to be! We are overjoyed to share our engagement night with you and your family. Make sure to grace us with your presence at our engagement function on the [Date & time] at the [Venue-Location].”

Emoji Invitation:

Pink Whistle Man

Using emojis for a fun invite is something that will definitely get your reader’s attention. Here are some great engagement invitation SMS templates:

“Join us on the [Date & Time] at the [Venue-Location] as we {wine glass & champagne emoji} and {dancing couple emoji} under the {starry skies emoji} to celebrate our one-of-a-kind love-story {couple emoji} with our friends and family. Hoping to see you at our engagement party {ring emoji} to make it a truly memorable evening. “

“You are cordially invited to be a part of our engagement ceremony {ring emoji} at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time]. Rejoice with us on this special occasion {cake emoji} as we get set to tie the knot {party popper emoji} and commemorate a fresh start with love, laughter and happily-ever-after {heart emoji}. “

Reminder Style Invites:

Akanksha Negi Invitations

Fashion your engagement invitation SMS messages in the style of a reminder to send out to your near and dear ones as an add-on to regular invites:

“Say YES just like we did! Ladies and gentlemen, DON’T MISS OUT on the engagement of [bride-to-be] and [goom-to-be] set to take place at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time]. We look forward to having a merry time commemorating the start of a wonderful adventure with you and your family. “

“CELEBRATE WITH US! Share our joy in rejoicing the coming together of two souls marking their first step in their journey as one. SAVE THE DATE! SET AN ALARM! POST A REMINDER! We anticipate your arrival at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time] for a special love feast celebrating the engagement of [bride-to-be] and [goom-to-be]. “

Fill In The Blanks:

Akanksha Negi Invitations

This template for an engagement invitation SMS message is written as an rsvp for the engagement function in a fun and interactive way! The engagement invitation SMS not only conveys a perfect reminder but also gets your guests interested to respond to you:

“The date is set! We’d love you to come! Join us at the engagement ceremony - as one we become! Reply to this invite so we can make sure you’ll have a seat!

_________ gladly accept to join you at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time].

_________ regretfully decline, but we send you our heartiest wishes. Hope to meet you for the wedding.”

“We’re having an open bar! Oh and an engagement party too!! You should totally hit the dance floor at our engagement party at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time].

__________ is super excited to join you! Here are my meal preferences:

  • Vegan Charcuterie
  • Pork Rillette Hand Pies
  • Pasta with Lamb Ragù

__________ is totally bummed to be missing out unfortunately. Save a seat at the wedding though!”

Invites for the Best Man and Bridesmaids:

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Invite your favourite guests with a special engagement invitation SMS for some fun activities like dance battles and exclusive after-parties for the groomsmen and bridesmaids:

“Hey, there beautiful! Join us as we get set to seal the deal at our engagement ceremony set to take place at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time]. My special day would be even more special if you would be my bridesmaid! “

“Join us as we get set to seal the deal at our engagement ceremony set to take place at the [Venue-Location] on the [Date & Time]. Our special day would be even more special if you would be my groomsman! “

It’s a great hack to use cool catch-phrases while welcoming your guests as it surely would strike a chord and leave a feisty first impression in the engagement invitation SMS texts. Use these trendy engagement invitation SMS text ideas to invite your guests in style!

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