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9 of the Best Cake Images to Leave Your Guests in Awe of Its Beauty

The grand celebration of a wedding calls for a funky cake to mark the celebrations. Here are some of the best cake images that can you can take inspiration from.

Siddharth Madan
Siddharth Madan

Image Courtesy: Lewin Samuel Photograph

Weddings are one of the biggest and happiest events in our society and call for some larger than life celebrations. So, to complement the happiness of the occasion, there has to be some meetha, shouldn’t there? What better way than getting a big cake with a personalised design as the centre of attraction for the wedding day.

Nowadays there are so many bakeries with expert chefs that can create some magnificent cakes with designs that will leave your jaws open. You can let your creative juices flowing and get a custom made cake designed that is personalised to your tastes.

Following are some of the best cake images that you can take inspiration from.

This Eccentric Elephant Themed Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: Cakes by Robin

Starting off this list of best cake images, we have this eccentric-looking cake that has a big elephant sitting on some cushions. Similarly, you can consult your baker and create such creative designs for the cake that bid a nod to our traditional design elements and make for a fine spectacle in front of the guests at the wedding.

This Elegant 3-tier Cake With Caricatures of the Bride and Groom

Image Courtesy: Cakes n Sprinkles

If you are someone who likes to keep things elegant and pretty, this three-tiered classic wedding cake might just be the right choice for you. Adding little details like the caricatures of the bride and groom on the top add an element of fun to the design of this cake and makes it even more adorable.

This Quirky Wedding Cake With Caricatures of a South Indian Wedding

Image Courtesy: IWP Malaysia

Next on this lift of the best cake images, we have another cake with a quirky design that will appeal to you if you want something that's very personal to you and looks quirky at the same time. As in the above photograph, you can get your cartoon-y caricatures designed on the cake if you wish so.

This White and Purple Floral Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: Mamwypiek

For the next entry on our list of best cake images, we have this elegant looking white and purple floral cake that looks so beautiful! Such a cake would be ideal for a day wedding with a floral theme in the decor.

This Royal Looking Cushion Style Cakes

Image Courtesy: Pakistani Bride's Instagram

Here, for the next image on our list of best cake images, we have another quirky looking design that is inspired by the royal palaces and is reminiscent of that era. If you are going to have a grand palatial wedding, such a cake might just be the right source of inspiration for you.

This Huge Four-tier Wedding Cake With Traditional Indian Design Elements

Image Courtesy: Sugar Dust by Amina

Here, we have this magnificent four-tier wedding cake in similar shape and size to the kind of cakes that we see in the grandest western weddings. You can go for a similar fusion of western and Indian and come up with such breath-taking designs as in the above image on our list of best cake images that incorporate the colours and designs of Indian weddings with a western-style cake.

This Humourous Wedding Cake for the Star Wars Geeks

Image Courtesy: That One Cake Lady

 For the next entry on our list of best cake images, we have this star wars themed cake with an element of humour which will make for the perfect wedding cake for the star wars geek couple. Similarly, you can make the design of your cake centred around the books, films or TV shows that the two of you are obsessed over.

This Fairytale-inspired Castle Like a Wedding Cake

Image Courtesy: Wedding Pastry's Instagram

To conclude this list of the best cake images, we have this jaw-droppingly beautiful castle themed cake that would be ideal for someone who has always dreamt of a fairytale-like wedding with the person they love. Your cake design should pack in some serious skills to pull off such intricate designs.

Such big wedding cakes are one of the centres of attention at weddings. You can either play it safe and get some basic wedding cake designs or else take this opportunity and give it a spin of customisation, that makes it more personal to you.

You should consult some of the top bakers in your area and come up with the most out-of-the-box designs for your wedding cake that look the part while still tasting super delicious. We hope that this list of best cake images helps you get inspired with some creative spins that you can give to your wedding cake.

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