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Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

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Valentine's Alert: Giving Roses Made Easier with These Colour Suggestions as per Zodiac

Roses for the longest time have enjoyed the honour of being a sweetheart in the world of flowers! Serenade the love of your life with a beautiful rose this Valentine's day. Find out what colour sits best with her zodiac and spread some love!

Wedding gifts

Valentine's Alert: Give Roses to Your Husband According to His Zodiac Sign

Roses for the longest time have enjoyed the honour of being a sweetheart in the world of flowers! Serenade the man of your life with a beautiful rose this Valentine's day. Find what colour sits best with his zodiac & show him how much you love him! ...

Planning your wedding

10 Wedding Planning Tips You Should Skip When Taking Advice From Others

Believe me, everyone will have something to tell you when it comes to planning your wedding. Here's the best of the wedding planning tips you should NOT listen to unless you are ready for a disaster coming your way!

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6 Tips for Wedding Night You Should Not Blindly Follow

Believe me, everyone will have something to tell you when it comes to your first wedding night. Here's the best of the tips for wedding night you should NOT listen to or believe unless you are ready to stress yourself out for no reason!

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How to Make Flower Jewellery That No One Can Their Eyes Off

Flowers are delicate and super feminine, making them ideal accessories for any function. Learn how to make flower jewellery by reading on!

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6 Kinds of Saree Wearing Styles to Look Slim N’ Stunning

Looking for different saree wearing styles to look slim? It’s all about knowing the correct style to drape, the kind of blouse and materials to make you look slim and stunning. Here are different ways to nail the look.

Wedding decoration

7 Wedding Poster Designs to Brighten Your Big Day Celebrations

Signs and banners make décor interactive and interesting. Click to see some quirky wedding poster designs you can include for your D day décor.

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15 Simple Blouse Designs For The Brides Who Believes That Beauty Lies In Simplicity

If you are looking for some inspiration for your wedding outfit blouse design and you are a bride who does not believe in going over-the-top with anything, then these gorgeous yet simple blouse designs are just what you need to see.

Wedding photography

5+15 Wedding Photography Tips To Ensure A Stellar Wedding Album Every Time!

Wouldn't it be amazing if your wedding album could look as dreamy as you did on your big day? These wedding photography tips on how you pose and dress will take your wedding photos to a whole new level. Follow these and start posing!

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These 8 Bollywood Divas Showing off South Indian Sarees Will Make You Want One for Your Trousseau

South Indian sarees are those ensembles that make anybody who wears them look classy and elegant without even making an effort. These B-Town divas are proof of what we just said.

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Ladies! Get Set To Slay With This Party Wear Makeup Guide

Dear ladies, there’s so more you can do than a simple stroke of Kajal or a shimmer blush. Take this awesome guide to partywear makeup ideas and head out as bright as a new dime.

Honeymoon destinations

Where to Go on Your Honeymoon Trip During the Spring Season

Planning a honeymoon trip in the spring season? Before you start looking outside the country for honeymoon destinations, take a look at these destinations and tell us they don't tempt you.

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Street Shopping in Kolkata: Welcome to a Bride’s Paradise! A Complete Guide for Your Bridal Shopping

You’re in the City of Joy and cannot wait anymore, to begin with your shopping spree! Good news brides! We have prepared the only guide you will ever need on Street shopping in Kolkata. Read and we dare you to resist your shopping temptation.

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12 Sensual Saree Gown Ideas That Would Work For All Wedding Functions

The perfect blend of traditional and western wear – Saree gowns are the next big thing you need to invest in for your wedding trousseau or any festive occasion. Here are some inspirations to guide your own shopping spree.

Everything to know about wedding banquets

7 Food Tips Every Couple Getting Married & Their Wedding Guests Must Look at and Follow

Eating healthy food tips the key to having a healthy body! But, how does one do that when they hop from one wedding to the next? Read these food tips on how to create a healthy wedding food menu that is tasty yet healthy.

Wedding fashion

15 DIY Dressing Tips For Absolute Perfection As The Bride, Groom And Wedding Guests

No matter if you're the bride, groom or a wedding guest, we all want to look amazing when attending a wedding! Read these dressing tips and follow them to the T to look like a showstopper.