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Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

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Stunning Silk Thread Bangles that Add Colour to Your Wedding Functions

Every function must have a special element in it. Silk thread bangles can be that element in your function. They are funky and modern and yet add a lot of colour to the occasion. Let us tell you all that you need to know about the silk thread bangles...

Wedding decoration

12 Funky Wedding Tags to Add the Quirk to Your Celebrations

As personalising your wedding becomes a raging trend, there's yet another element you can consider to do that for you - wedding tags. Discover how and where all you can include wedding tags in yours.

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6 Intricate and Irresistible Bridal Mehndi Designs and How to Make Them Last Longer

What is all the galore of a Mehndi function without some amazing and eye-catching mehndi designs? Drop the bridal mehndi design book and click here to explore some of the latest bridal mehndi designs for the fun and quirky millennial bride.

Civil weddings

A Complete Guide to Aadhar Card Name Change After Marriage

Concerned about the hassles of AADHAR card name change after marriage? Here’s our complete guide to solve your name change issues and lift your post-marital blues!

The wedding guests

Get Ready! Indian Wedding Guest Dresses To Inspire Your Choices This Shaadi Season

Choosing the right Indian wedding guest dresses is as important as the bride’s or groom’s outfit. If you too want your wedding album to look like a blockbuster Bollywood family flick, take a peek at some stunning guest outfit ideas!

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Make These Stunning Lehenga Images(HD) the Inspiration You Need to Look like a Show Stopper

There isn't a woman who hasn't dreamed about what she'd wear on her big day. Dearest Banno, we have curated for you a galore of lehenga images(HD) for all your wedding festivities. Surf through, choose a design and get the lehenga of your dreams.

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15 Stunning Blouse Neck Designs for the Millennial Bride

To carry the image of a millennial bride, everything you wear has to be up-to-date. This includes your neckline as well. With changing trends, we show you blouse neck designs that add charm to your look while helping you stay your stylish self.

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Amaze Everyone with These 12 Chic Arabic Mehndi Designs for the Millennial Bride

Searching for mehndi designs for your ceremony that look gorgeous but don't eat up your fun time? Why not go for Arabic mehndi design which any henna artist can easily apply! Learn about different designs you can go for.

Wedding photography

What Is Candid Photography and How to Get That Perfect Click!

Ever wondered why certain wedding photographs look so stunning? Some of the best wedding photographs are taken when the couple is unaware! So what is candid photography and how you can get your perfect shot? Read on to find the answer.

Wedding decoration

12 Wedding Flower Decoration Ideas Which Make A Fragrant Style Statement

Who wouldn't want to brighten up their wedding day with some bright and fragrant flowers? Take cues from this guide and find different ways in which you can amp up your wedding flower decoration. Take out your pens and take notes now!

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Make Your Heavy Lehenga Feel Lighter to Enjoy the Most on Your Big Day

Isn’t it ironical that the main outfit of your wedding is actually the one that keeps you from having fun? If you do not want to be carrying around kilos of a heavy lehenga but still look gorgeous, follow these hacks to make it feel lighter.

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Visit the Sabyasachi Mumbai Store for a Mindblowing Wedding Shopping Experience

Sabyasachi stores are known for the designer’s passion for art and everything Indian. The Mumbai store is no exception. Let’s see why.

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10 Filmy Indian Bridal Wear Notes To Influence Your Own Bridal Look

Bollywood has always been a great influence on us. If you are going to be a bride soon, take some Indian bridal wear inspiration from these stunning celebrity brides. Introducing you to 10 gorgeous brides who took the world by storm in 2018.

A religious wedding

These Revamped Hindu Wedding Vows Are Just What the Millennial Couples Need

Wedding vows! Saat Pheras! Put a spin on these traditional Hindu wedding vows to be pronounced as husband and wife. Take cues from some of these songs as see which one fits the bill best!

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Perfect Makeup for the Perfect Wedding – Find the Right Freelance Makeup Artist in Delhi

When it comes to weddings, the makeup artist is the bride’s BAE! Hiring the right freelance makeup artist can free you of one of the biggest concerns. Stick to these guidelines and you’re certain to succeed in your quest of finding one.

Planning your wedding

How to Make Engagement Cake Designs Reflect Your Couple Story

Choosing the right kind of an engagement cake to let the world know about your love story can be a tedious task. But picking one among a sea of engagement cake designs can be confusing. Let us help you out with these tips.