Wedding Ideas

Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

Wedding gifts

Wedding Return Gifts: 6 Kinds of Favours That Say Simple, Yet Thoughtful

Losing sleep over how to choose appropriate wedding favours? Let us save your day by presenting you with the six types of simple, yet thoughtful ideas on Indian Wedding return gifts.

Beauty for brides

Bridal Nail Art Inspirations for a Lustrous Charm

Bedazzle your hands with beautiful bridal nail art before you bedazzle it with a gorgeous engagement ring. Dive in to find out the style that'll suit you best.

Planning your wedding

Sudden Rains on Your Wedding Day? Planning Cues to Manage It Like a Pro

An unexpected downpour shouldn’t dampen your wedding plans and festivities. Here are a few tips that’ll help you figure out the next steps and prepare for the unprecedented situation in the best way possible!

Beauty for brides

Superfoods You Should Include in Your Bridal Diet for a Superb Body

Superfoods have gained their reputation as ingredients for the perfect diet. This is what you should not miss including in your bridal diet plan, for a fabulous body for your wedding day.

Planning the honeymoon

6 Ways To Ensure You Don't Sweat Packing For Your Honeymoon

Packing for your honeymoon can be stressful. Confused over what to take and what not? Let us help you with some smart and helpful packing tips for your honeymoon.

Wedding photography

Beyond Candid: Indian Wedding Photo Styles In Which You're Clicked

Confused whether you should opt for Candid or Classic Wedding Photography, for your wedding experience? Here’s the essential background, which can help you find the right lens artiste to capture your emotions in their full, festive fervour.

Everything to know about wedding banquets

How to Pick the Right Wedding Menu for an Indian Summer Wedding

Know a better way to delight the senses than colourful, cool and scrumptious food? Here’s how you can score on all three in choosing the right wedding menu for your Indian summer wedding! Hint, hint - Refreshers and Icy, icy treats!

The Bride

5 Indian Wedding Dresses That Are Always 'in' Fashion

An Indian bride has some stunning wedding dress options at her disposal, each equally special. Here are five bridal picks that are largely haute couture and always on trend.

Wedding photography

6 Secret Steps To Choose The Right Wedding Photographer

When choosing your wedding photographer, you need to look beyond the surface. Here, from the couples who got it right are the 6 factors which make it a perfect pick. Remember, a great experience is as important as great pictures.

Beauty for brides

Naturally Yours! A Bride’s Beauty Timeline For A Summer Wedding

Have a summer wedding and unsure about your pre-wedding beauty regime? Here’s a complete guide to what you need for glowing, flawless skin on your big day.

Wedding formalities

How to Change Your Name after Marriage in India

Sometimes getting married to your loved one is not enough; take a step further by adding his name to yours for perfect harmony.

Wedding invitations

How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitation

Getting married? Great! Don't forget to invest your time, effort, ideas and energies on this seemingly small detail - The Wedding Invitation. We list how you can send your guests an invitation card that they'll remember for days to come.

Wedding decoration

Fun Dance Floor Ideas For Your Wedding

Think no wedding is complete without Naach, Gaana and the Dance Floor? Here is how you can make an impact with your choice in dance floors, irrespective of whichever ceremony you choose to include them in.

Honeymoon destinations

6 Exceptional Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Just hitched and ready to take your first vacation as a couple? You want nothing but the best on your honeymoon, don’t you? So, here are the details for Exceptional honeymoon destinations in Europe. Read and plan, plan, plan!

Beauty for brides

Make the Most of Your Makeup Trial with These Expert Tips

Keep in mind these tips as a well-prepared makeup trial will help you make sure that your makeup artist lives up to your wedding dress, theme, and expectations.

Planning your wedding

Looking for the Ideal Wedding Planner? Here Are the 5 Steps to Find One

You found the right person to spend the rest of your life with; now it’s time to find the right person to organise the event that brings you both together forever.