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Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

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Wedding Cards Giving You Decision Fatigue? Find out About Wedding Invitation Format in English Rules to Make the Process

The process of picking the right design, format, and words can be a bit mind-boggling after a point. Let’s keep things simple with this set of wedding invitation format in English rules, and go from there!

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Get Funky! Rush to These Contemporary Jewellery Shops in Delhi and Add to Your Rustic Jewel Collection

Sure, traditional jewellery has its own charm, but there is hardly any girl who doesn't treasure her contemporary jewellery collection. So here we are with a list containing some totally unique Jewellery shops in Delhi that you would love to visit!

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31 Love Story Quotes That Are Overtly Romantic and Will Prompt Her to Say Yes Right Away

Each of us believes that our love story is one of a kind & completely unique. In the throes of passion & never-ending love, use these 31 love story quotes that will sum up your feelings better than you could otherwise, as you propose your lady love ...

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Pick from These Lovely Ideas for an Umbrella Cut Lehenga to Look like a Princess at Your Wedding Function

From the heavy Zardosi work to light embroideries, an umbrella cut lehenga is the perfect pick for your big day. It's flowy, elegant and can be adorned for any of your events. Here are some ideas to help you pick your perfect colourful lehenga.

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Find Temple Jewellery for Rent in Chennai to Look like a Goddess During Your Wedding!

Finding beautiful jewellery that fits into your budget can be a task in itself. But, don’t let it bum you out! Just keep your eyes peeled open for temple jewellery for rent in Chennai.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Saree for Engagement - All You Need to Know to Finalise Your Look

Are you planning for one of the first events of your wedding, and are stuck with deciding what to wear? Flaunt a saree for engagement with a price that suits your budget. Learn how to find the right fit for yourself with these tips.

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Know Where to Find These Sparkling Kundan Jewellery Sets (With Prices) and Be the Show-Stopper at Every Event!

Kundan is the kind of jewellery that's loved by almost every girl. If you too are looking for some magnificent Kundan jewellery sets with prices, this one is for you. Know all the right names of the shops where you can find them.

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Nadaswaram at Weddings and How to Find the Right Players to Amp up Your Function

Want to give your wedding and pre-wedding festivities a Southern flavour with Nadaswaram? We bring to you a detailed look at the musical instrument followed by a list of some top players of the country. Browse now!

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Choose Your Rock! Know About the Diamond Ring Price in India for Every Finger and Pocket Size!

Have you been always dreaming about owning a diamond ring, but thought it's way out of your budget? Well, you're in luck. Owning a diamond ring isn't a far-fetched dream anymore. Know about Diamond ring price in India and pick your own!

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30 Wedding Love Quotes That Will Make Your Beloved Say 'Yes' to Your Wedding Proposal from the Rooftop

It is the season of love & you are all set to settle down with your chosen one! But, haven't yet gown down on your knee & made that larger than life gesture? These romantic & mushy wedding love quotes which will make them say 'YES' right away!

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All the Floral Lehenga Inspiration You'd Need for Your Big Day - Check It out Right Here

Floral lehengas are quite a rage for brides nowadays, not just for the D-Day but for other functions too. Here are some designs you are going to absolutely love. And hey, we came prepared with their approximate prices too, so yay!

Wedding traditions

Sacred Rituals That Make a Traditional Bengali Marriage Amazing, Meaningful & One of a Kind

Bengali marriages are a perfect blend of traditional rituals and a feel of modernity. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the common ceremonies that you get to witness in a traditional Bengali wedding.

Wedding traditions

The 7 Vows of Hindu Marriage – a Tried and Tested Formula for a Happy Marriage!

Your wedding day will be filled with a myriad of traditions, right from the Chooda in the morning to the Pheras at night. Out of them all, pay close attention to the 7 vows of Hindu Marriage and pull them out as a trump card during a spat!

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8 Punjabi Heavy Dupatta Suits That Will Sweep 'Em Mundas Off Their Feet!

Punjabi heavy dupatta suits are the go-to outfits for any Punjabi bride out there, especially the ones who get married in a Gurudwara. If you are one such bride and are looking for Punjabi heavy dupatta suits, then these brides can help you.

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100 Latest Mehndi Designs Which Are Hot This Wedding Season and a Must Watch for Every Bride/Bridesmaid

To all the brides who are tying the knot & the Sakhiyaans of the bride-to-be, these latest mehndi designs are the hottest trends & absolute henna goals this wedding season. These new mehndi designs are drop dead gorgeous & a sight for sore eyes

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6 Zabardast Dulhan Dance Ideas To Get Calls For An Encore On Your Sangeet Dance Night

Do you know that you’re going to be the centre of attention at your Sangeet? Dulhan dance is what the guests await the most and we need to make sure you have a power packed performance planned for this day. Here are some Zabardast ideas for you.