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Planning a wedding is more complex than it used to be! We want to inspire you with great ideas for a perfect wedding day. Take a look around the site and see everything we offer.

The wedding guests

Rack It up with These Indo Western Wedding Dress Designs That Every Bridesmaid Needs to See

Indo-western wedding dress and designs add the perfect oomph factor to the bridesmaid’s outfit. Explore some awe-inspiring designs here!

The Bride

Every Bride Should Keep These 8 Things in Mind Before Buying Wedding Jewellery Online

Buying wedding jewellery online can be an overwhelming task. With so much to choose from, brides may get confused. To ease your confusion, we have compiled a few pointers that will help you choose the perfect wedding jewellery.

Wedding invitations

Penning Invites? 12 Intriguing Indian Wedding Quotes That Match Your Tale

If your wedding invite is meant to be a keepsake, then personalising it will make it even more special. Adding the perfect Indian wedding quote on your wedding card will ensure that your wedding card stands out. Take inspiration from these ideas:

The Groom

8 Jaw-dropping Jodhpuri Suits for Men Designs To Match Your Dapper Dude

Jodhpuri suits for men are the ultimate regal look for the price of the day. Know more about this regal attire and choose the style that reflects you!

Wedding invitations

Ditch the Traditional Print and Create Indian Wedding Invitation Card Online Free

Use your creativity and let wedding invitation bills be a worry of the past. Here’s how you can create Indian wedding invitation card online free!

Wedding fashion

Look the Part: 13 Winning Wedding Accessories For Every Bride And Groom

Wedding accessories add to the glitz and glamour of one's carefully picked out wedding outfit. They can even make or break your overall look. Wondering what these must-have accessories are? Here’s a checklist for you.

The Bride

Know These 7 Uber Chic Combinations of Wedding Kurtis for Some Jaw-Dropping Effects

“Want to know how to make a statement with your unique bridal look? Let us give you an insight on some creative combinations for wedding kurtis you could use for some off-beat bridal vibes”.

Wedding photography

20 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Props To Breathe Life In Your Filmy Love Story

Do you want your pre-wedding photoshoot to be creative, unique, and fun? We have made your life simple by collating a list of pre-wedding photoshoot props that are offbeat and quirky.

Wedding protocol

7 Completely Crazy but Real Wedding Games for a Fantastic Evening

While you may believe that all real wedding games are about the love, dance, songs and family; there are some that go beyond crazy. Here are 7 games that, believe it or not, people have played at their weddings and had insane fun. Take a cue!

Wedding photography

20 Indian Wedding Images That Left Us Stunned & What Makes Them Outstanding

Once in a while, you come across awe-inspiring Indian wedding images that are absolutely stunning. Sometimes it’s the emotions, other times it may be the décor or the perfect lighting. Here are some images that truly left us speechless.

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Brides, Buy These 9 Terrific Traditional Sarees for Wedding Functions Now

Planning to wear traditional sarees for wedding functions? You’re on the right track. Did you know Sarees with superior embroideries and prints set the fashion bar very high at any type of a function? Read on to find out more.

A religious wedding

Think Out-Of-The-Box with These Stellar Christian Wedding Cards to Make That First Impression

Amidst the generic ‘SAVE-THE-DATE’ wedding invites, design your Christian wedding cards as a breath of fresh air. Unique, eye-catchy and special, let it symbolise your love and be a token of sheer amazement for your dear guests!

Wedding formalities

10 Creative Marriage Proposals to Get Them to Say Yes!

Is it finally time for you to take your wedding vows? Do you want the moment of your marriage proposal to be just perfect? Then read on to explore these 10 marriage proposals & how to get them to say ‘yes’!

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10 Fun and Quirky Mehndi Games That Your Wedding Guests Will Love

Apart from the quirky decor and colour-coordinated outfits, another fun element you could add to your mehndi is entertaining modern mehndi games. Read on as we decode some of them.

Planning your wedding

Sangeet Ceremony: 3 Ways to Minimise the Stress and Maximise the Fun

Indian weddings bring together family and friends. We have curated a list of some creative and fun ways to amp up your Sangeet ceremony and make it a roller-coaster ride for yourself and your guests.

Tips for married life

Indian Wedding Night Essentials & How to Make It Less Awkward

The much talked about Indian wedding night comes with its own doubts and excitement, apprehensions and misconstrued tales. What is expected on ‘The’ night of the wedding? How can one prep and pack for it? Here’s all you need to know.