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Wedding Photography: Check prices, request quotes and check availability to find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments across all wedding events: sangeet, baraat, ceremony, reception and all other parties. View the portfolio of pictures for each studio in advance to ensure that you find the style you like: still, candid, artistic, cinematic, high resolution and all the rest.

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    Memories Unlimited Photography
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Memories Unlimited Photography counts with an experienced team of professionals that will be right by your side to freeze your most unforgettable memories. They specialise in artistic and contemporary styles of photography and present the outcome in a beautiful, storytelling wedding album. The team... (indian wedding photography)

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    Spotlight Studio
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    If you are looking for a photography service that provides you with the most magnificent and memorable pictures of your special day, Spotlight Studio is the best choice for you. The way you want to portray your biggest day is completely your decision and Spotlight Studio helps you achieve that goal... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹1,50,000

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    Photo Exit Photography
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Photo Exit Photography takes wedding photography to a whole new level with its fantastic ideas and creativity. For its team, weddings aren't just any event; they're the most special celebrations in a woman and man's life; which is why, they should be captured in detail and in the most candid ways... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹70,000

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    Rajeev Rao Photography
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Rajeev Rao is a Hyderabad based photographer, who specialises in wedding photography. His pictures are a blend of contemporary style with traditional sensibilities. He offers a window to an event that epitomises harmony and happiness. Rajeev Rao always makes sure that he provides the best images and... (indian wedding photography)

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    Sutra Snapperz
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Based in Hyderabad, Sutra Snapperz has been capturing the most profound emotions since 2012. Be it a traditional Hindu wedding or a Christian or Muslim one, they never seizes to capture the most revealing and enlightening moments of a celebration. Candid photographs are their forte and innovation in... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹1,35,000

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    Fashion Digital Photo Studio
    Wedding Photography Agra (Agra)

    Based in Bhopal, Fashion Digital Photo Studio has excelled in wedding photography services. Launched in the year 1980, it has been clicking the most delightful pictures of couples and their respective ceremonies all around the state of Madhya Pradesh. If you're looking for professionalism and high... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹1,00,00,00,000

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    Foto Spot Studio
    Wedding Photography Mira-Bhayandar (Mira-Bhayandar)

    Based in Mumbai, Foto Spot Studio is a team of highly professional and creative photographers that are specialized in one of the most difficult genres of photography: the candid wedding photography. They have worked with many ethnic groups all over India capturing the most precious moments from each... (wedding photographer)

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    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Septvie is a Hyderabad-based photography company that has covered many weddings all across the city. It has achieved to win thousands of hearts with its innovative and creative approach and vision. Not only is it a well-known name in the wedding industry but it has also participated and won the... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹1,50,000

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    Mac Aaron Studios
    Wedding Photography Navi Mumbai (Mumbai)

    Mac Aaron Studios is a photo and videography team of professionals who have captured many weddings and related ceremonies all across the city of Mumbai. It is situated in the heart of Navi Mumbai and it is led by a married couple whose passion for photography can be seen in their portraits. They... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹35

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    Rig Photography
    Wedding Photography Central Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Rig Photography follows the philosophy of not capturing but creating moments. Based in the city of Delhi, it's a brainchild of Rig Biswas, an M.Tech engineer that followed his passion for photography and is now one of the leading names in the industry. His work has been constantly published in... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹50,000

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    Ankita Studio
    Wedding Photography Ranchi (Ranchi)

    Ankita Studio is a photography and videography service based in Ranchi. It specialises in creating great wedding pictures filled with amazing details, stunning portraits with perfect lighting and colour. Its main aim is to provide a wonderful collection of pictures that you can enjoy in the years to... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹51,000

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    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Vividsaaga is the synonym of candid photography. When a photographer is able to get your best pictures without asking you to pose for them, it means that they've mastered in their profession. And Vividsaaga is one of them; a team of three professionals who have mastered in photography by turning it... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹40,000