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Wedding Photography: Check prices, request quotes and check availability to find the perfect photographer to capture your special moments across all wedding events: sangeet, baraat, ceremony, reception and all other parties. View the portfolio of pictures for each studio in advance to ensure that you find the style you like: still, candid, artistic, cinematic, high resolution and all the rest.

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    Naveen Digital Photo Studio
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Naveen Digital Photo Studio is a Hyderabad-based wedding photography business that specialises in candid and contemporary shoots. Its team of professionals is highly qualified and skilled and it will make sure that the outcome surpasses your expectations. Besides, they work with the latest equipment... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹10,000

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    Moments Unplugged
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    A wedding photographer must be someone who understands the traditions and tastes of his clients. Wedding is an event of timeless rituals, fun social events and emotional family bonding. All these special moments must be photographed well and presented in a way that captures the spirit of the event... (wedding photographer)

    Price from ₹30,000

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    Tarun Chawla Photography
    Wedding Photography North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Weddings are a combination of a lot of elements. It’s a grand celebration of a personal step in one’s life. An occasion like that must be efficiently captured and kept to relive them whenever you please. A good photographer is a person who enjoys his time among people with different backgrounds,... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹80,000

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    Raj Digital Photo Studio & Colour Lab
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Raj Digital Photo Studio & Colour Lab is a Delhi based company, which specialises in creating stunning and memorable pictures. Its success is the result of focusing on providing services that is modern and efficient. Raj Digital Photo Studio & Colour Lab aims to achieve maximum customer satisfaction... (wedding photographer)

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    Studio Hari
    Wedding Photography Central Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Studio Hari aims to capture all the magical, fun and soulful moments of a wedding. Their professionals are adept at capturing each memory with modern technology using innovative ideas to provide a memorable keepsake of your big occasion. Studio Hari offers engaging wedding films and breath-taking... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹50,000

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    Neelam Digital Studio
    Wedding Photography Hyderabad City (Hyderabad)

    Weddings are about love, family and fun. All the precious memories in a wedding must be stored so that you can relive the entire experience again and again. It’s always been in human nature to store and keep what he thinks as precious. Wedding memories are one of those precious memories everyone... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹20,000

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    Sandeep Shokeen Photography
    Wedding Photography North Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Sandeep Shokeen is a Delhi-based photographer who has an illustrious experience, shooting celebrities to CEOs. He offers exceptional photography and customised services for all his clients. As an experienced photographer he is aware of the significance of nuptial memories and his pictures never fail... (wedding photographer)

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    Rajeev Kapoor
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Wedding photos are truly special and often stay with you forever. Thus, it’s important that they must be taken with high quality camera lens and a skilled and thoughtful photographer. It’s a collection of memories that are frozen in time so that you can go through them again and again. Rajeev Kapoor... (indian wedding photography)

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    SSA Photography
    Wedding Photography West Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Sarabjeet Singh is the owner and photographer of SSA Photography. His love and passion for great images has a history of over 16 years. Your wedding photography is completely safe in his experienced hands. With creative angles and prime lenses, he will capture your wedding in a way that you had... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹40,000

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    Pixip Foto
    Wedding Photography Kolkata (Kolkata)

    Pixip Foto is a company, who are pioneers in creating candid shoots of weddings, showcasing true emotions, moments and splendid details. Its professionals have a very different and personalised approach to documenting the occasions and ceremonies, depicting them in unscripted glory and fabulousness.... (wedding photographers)

    Price from ₹45

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    Photography By Deepak Chauhan
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Based in Delhi, Photography By Deepak Chauhan offers you the chance to preserve your special day in stunning images that tell a thousand stories. Its pictures depict all the details, be it a simple ritual or the shy smile of the bride, captured beautifully with great flair and creativity. Its team... (indian wedding photography)

    Price from ₹15,000

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    Bakul Bajaj Photography
    Wedding Photography South Delhi (Delhi NCR)

    Wedding pictures are going to be the lasting memories of your great occasion and that is why Bakul Bajaj Photography is so special. It is one of the leading names in Delhi for great nuptial pictures, it offers modern and dependable services, which showcases all the unique moments, expressions and... (wedding photographers)