LRC Banquets & Resorts

Patiala Road 140601 Chandigarh (Chandigarh) View map

Rentals from ₹400000

Number of guests 100 to 1000

Information about LRC Banquets & Resorts

LRC Banquets & Resorts is a located in Zirakpur in Chandigarh and it is a venue that can qualify as your ideal space to host your wedding. The wedding venue that you choose will have to be perfect to the T and it is a non-negotiable aspect of the wedding and you will look for an ideal spot where you can take your vows and tie the knot and this is when LRC Banquets & Resorts will come in packed in all the pre-requisites that you have listed for a place to qualify as your ideal venue. You can stop the search here and you will not regret choosing this and hosting your wedding here.

Facilities and Capacity

LRC Banquets & Resorts has a banquet hall that is an indoor space that is capable of hosting an estimated number of 1000 people in the venue and they will cater to the comforts of these people quite conveniently. The wedding ceremony is traditional on along with being a social gathering that is grand and huge and the banquet hall with all its contemporary comforts will make it perfect for you. They also have widespread lawns that are carpeted and well-maintained to host your ceremonies in the open air space.

LRC Banquets & Resorts provides you with a complimentary package of basic facilities that will assist you in hosting your ceremonies in full swing and assure smooth transitions that will turn the event into a booming success for all to see. These facilities include:

  • Basic lighting, electricity & backup
  • Valet parking
  • Furniture
  • Bridal room
  • Service staff
  • Sound/music license
  • Alcohol license

Services Offered

LRC Banquets & Resorts has more than one event space to offer to you and you will get to celebrate multiple ceremonies at once without any clashes. It is located in the city and it is easily accessible via any means of transport and you will make a convenient choice if you choose this as your venue. They have a list of empanelled caterers who you can hire to provide you with catering services at the wedding celebrations and turn it into a royal feast of delicious cuisines.

  • Rentals

    From 4,00,000

  • Number of guests

    From 100 to 1000

  • Spaces

    Lawns, banquet hall

  • Inclusions

    Basic lighting, electricity & backup, valet parking, furniture, bridal room , service staff, sound/music…View more

  • Location

    In the city

  • Accommodation

    Not Available

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More information about LRC Banquets & Resorts

  • Do you have more than one event-space at your venue?
  • What kind of settings are available?
    Uncovered Outdoor
  • Which of the following are the events that are best suited to your venue?
    Pre wedding functions: Engagement, Cocktail, Mehndi, Sangeet, etc.
    Wedding ceremonies
    Residential weddings
  • What is the catering policy?
    Empanelled caterers only
  • What is the alcohol policy?
    Package based: Pay per Person
    Consumption based: Pay per bottle
  • What guest services does the space have to offer?
  • Which modes of payment do you accept?
    Credit card
    Mobile wallet
    Debit Card
    Bank transfer (NEFT)
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    No refund
  • Do you have any time limit for celebration?
  • What are the restrictions, if any?

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